Friday, May 21, 2010


Wanna know what hypocrisy looks like?

This is Al Gore's new $9 million mansion in Montecito, California:

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Al Gore is a big, fat hypocrite (literally). Big Al wants us all to do more and more with less and less ... and then he goes and buys himself a big-ass house (to add to his collection of big-ass houses).

Something else I've said before and here it comes again:

If Al Gore truly believed the reduce/reuse/recycle-'cause-the-earth-is-dying horseshit he's been peddling for the past 20 years, he would be housing his big ass in a tent, and he'd be eating nothing but grass and dirt. And his easily-offended wife would be doing the same. (Oh, and, certain whorish, left-wing Creeder Readers would be doing the same, too.)


Pic of the day

Talk about ticket-splitting ...

(You know, the last politician I recall puttin' a "Y" middle initial on campaign stuff was David Y. Copeland when he was runnin' for governor. He lost ... just like Karen Y. Johnson.)

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Good riddance

So, Metro-Nashville Police Chief Ronal Serpas has done left town to become superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department. Good riddance, I say.

Not only did our former chief o' police buy into leftist hyperbole concerning the state legislature's efforts to allow folks with handgun carry permits to go into restaurants without unloading, so to speak, he didn't do shit about the getting-worse-by-the-day gang problem in South Nashville.

As soon as the General Assembly started debating legislation to allow carry permit holders to, well, carry into establishments that serve alcohol, leftist state reps and senators, and their enablers in the media, dubbed the proposed legislation the "guns in bars" bill. Pass the bill, they said, and every dive bar from Memphis to Kingsport would become a shooting gallery.

Never mind that the same assortment of shipdits' snot-snorting warnings about the handgun permit bill itself -- the "Wild West bill" would turn Tennessee into Tombstone 2.0 -- never came to pass, Ronal Serpas lapped up what they were pouring, hook, line and sinker at a December meeting of the Nashville Kiwanis Club:

"I would hope (the legislature) would focus as much attention on keeping criminals behind bars as letting people go in bars with guns. ...

"[T]he legislature [is] selling ... the fear of crime. ... 'Don't go in O'Charley's without a gun because you are going to get killed.' I thought that was some of the most reprehensible politics I have ever seen in my life. Makes you so in fear of crime you think you need a gun at O'Charley's!"

No, chief, the folks who support allowing law-abiding carry permit holders to tote their weapons into restaurants and bars have never been motivated by "fear" (that's something someone who's watched Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine too many times would posit). Indeed, the motivation for said legislation is, and always been, about fairness.

I mean, why should an ordinary Joe (!) who has a carry permit not be allowed to carry his gun into a restaurant if, as the legislation requires, he's not gonna imbibe? Did/does Serpas and his ilk really think that such non-drinking ordinary Joes are really gonna start squeezing indiscriminate caps into their fellow restaurant patrons?

Given that revocation of carry permits is an extremely rare event (Google "carry permit revocation" if'n you don't believe me), no one - and I mean no one - should put any stock in the bloviations Ronal Serpas uncorked when he was channeling his inner Michael Moore ... literally and figuratively.

All that said, why I'm glad to see Ronal Serpas leave Nashville is 'cause o' this ...

And 'cause o' this ...

Hamilton Church Road

Bart Drive (today)

Bart Drive (same place, a few weeks ago)

Apache Trail

Franklin Limestone Road

Wallace Road

Tusculum Road

Haywood Lane

Richards Road (one)

Richards Road (two)

I'm hoping, and praying, that Nashville's next police chief does his, or her, level best to rid our fair city of Brown Pride, SUR 13, et al.

Just so long as we don't get any more leftist standup routines from our chief o' police.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Chug-a-lug! (And chug them wings 'n' taters!)

President Obama recently went to Buffalo to talk-up his economic "stimulus" boondoggle. Read about it here.

Funny, Obama didn't say nothing about how his stimulus made it possible for folks to drink beer for free. Talk about stimulating!

Check it:

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act — the fancy name of the 2009 stimulus bill — provided $389,357 to the State University of New York at Buffalo for project number 1R01AA01658001A: "Malt Liquor and Marijuana: Factors in Their Concurrent Versus Separate Use." ...

The new study, funded by the stimulus package, pays participants a minimum of $45 to imbibe. At an average price of $2.05 per 40-ounce beer, that’s one Schlitz Old Bull (my choice) a day over the three-weeks of research. Unless they’re spending it on a different research product. So the money from the government goes right back into the economy, just as Christina Romer drew it up.

Reading that makes me pretty mad. But I'm more mad knowing that Barry Obama and his wife -- she with the very pronounced underbite -- have taken to telling us all what we should and shouldn't eat ... and then they go to Buffalo to gorge on fried chicken wings, French fries, AND onion rings. Oh, and then they go and pay for folks to get wasted on the taxpayers' dime(s).

I've no use for Barry Obama. Can you tell?!

Monday, May 17, 2010



* Okay ... now I'm back.

Official-like, and all.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


That's what you get when you act like a closet Commie ...!

Apparently, President B. Hussein "Barry" Obama has no historical peer when it comes to alienating big chunks of the voting public 'gainst White House policies. To wit:

[Obama's] first-year ratings were the most polarized for a president in Gallup history, with an average 65-point gap between Republicans and Democrats. Obama’s approval ratings have become slightly more polarized thus far in his second year in office, with an average 69-point gap between Democrats (83%) and Republicans (14%) since late January.

You know ... I can't wait 'til November!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Quote of the day

You know what's the loudest noise in the world, man? The loudest noise in the world is silence.

-- Thelonious Monk


Pic of the day

I didn't realize the Good Lord was keeping score ...


Re: Back

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack
I'm back in the saddle again

-- Aerosmith, "Back in the Saddle"

Look here:

For the past couple o' months, I've been working loooong hours ... most of which have taken place from 11 a.m. 'til 11 p.m. As of today, that's over.

I'm still going to be working long hours for weeks to come. But, thank God, each and every long hour I work from here on out will be, well, worked when the sun's up!

Joltin' Django's most hate-filled haters can now rest un-easy ... I didn't finally succumb to skin/testicular cancer. Here's what I have to say to you:

I'm still here! 'N' you're gonna be hearing from me in the weeks and months to come!

Thanks for reading.

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