Monday, June 14, 2010


She's an idiot AND a socialist ...

I've long been aware that State Senator Thelma Harper (D-Nashville) is a five-star idiot. First, any elected official whose main claim-faming is wearing funny hats is an idiot; and second, 'cause o' this ...

When I was an undergraduate member of my college's College Republicans back in '92, Thelma Harper showed up on campus to spout leftist platitudes at a meeting of the campus College Dems.

I and several o' my fellow CRs went to see Senator Harper that night, with more than a few beers in our bellies. When she finished singing the praises of Bill Clinton and Al Gore, I asked her this question:

"Are the laws of supply and demand immutable?"

How'd Thelma respond to this tête-à-chapeau? Well, she said this:

"We demand us a Clinton and a Gore."

Right then is when I first knew that T'elma wasn't fit -- due to her on-record stupidity -- to serve in the State Senate.

Right now, well, you'll see:

Sunday, June 13, 2010


World Cup, Shmurld Cup

Soccer was invented by European housewives as a way to keep busy while their husbands did the cooking.

-- Hank Hill

Back in the late 90s, I went to my first (and last) soccer game. It was a "professional" match in which Nashville's mighty (!) Metros squared off against some team outta Iowa. Or was it Indiana? Or, maybe, Illinois? I don't remember, and I don't ****in' care to remember.

A former, ahem, lady friend of mine dragged me to that God-forsaken soccer game, and I damn her for it to this day. You see, I was so thoroghly underwhelmed by my one and only soccer experience, I remember exactly what I said to myself when we were leaving: "That's three hours of my life I'll never have back to do anything of consequence."

This is a pretty good depiction of what went on in that game ...

... and, even though I'm not a betting man, I'll wager this year's entire World Cup will be no different.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Whistlin' 'n' singin' ...

I can't really explain why, but I love this tune (it's stuck in my head like the Marlboro-box that's permanently stuck in the President of the U.S.A.'s coat pocket) ...


אני אוהב את ישראל

You've seen it, right? Old bat/left-wing nut/"journalist" Helen Thomas gettin' all anti-Semitic on-camera?

This is the best takin'-Thomas-to-task opinion piece I've yet seen. A sample:

While Thomas’ comments were outrageous in their content and angry in their tone, they were hardly unique. This pernicious idea that Jews are outsiders who have stolen Arab land is widespread. In this version of history, the Western powers decided that after killing six million Jews they should give the survivors a state in Palestine as some sort of consolation prize. Overjoyed, a bunch of ethnic Europeans left their ancestral homes in Berlin and Warsaw and set sail for a strange and exotic new land where Jewish feet had never before tread.

Sadly, President Obama helped to promote this myth in his speech in Cairo back in June, 2009. There Obama noted that "the aspiration for a Jewish homeland is rooted in a tragic history that cannot be denied." He then proceeded to discuss the European anti-Semitism "which culminated in the Holocaust." By completely ignoring the fact that the Jewish right to a homeland in Israel is rooted in a long and deep connection to that land, and by focusing only on the "tragic history" that convinced some Jews to exercise that right, our President seemed to be suggesting that Israel’s right to exist is rooted solely in the Holocaust.

Let me be clear. If the Jewish people had no connection to the Land of Israel, I could not in good conscience support the building of a Jewish state there. If the sole Jewish claim to the land was that Europeans had selected it as compensation for the Holocaust, I could not be a Zionist. If the Jews had as weak a claim to Israel as let’s say the pilgrims did to Massachusetts or the Australians to Australia or the New Zealanders to New Zealand, I would be an anti-Zionist of the first order.

I am a Zionist today because the connection between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel is ancient, deep, unbroken, and unbreakable. I am a Zionist today because rarely in the course of human history has the bond between a people and a land been so strong and so profound and so central to that people’s very being. I am a Zionist today because Israel’s cause is just.

To assert the Jewish claim is not to deny that other people migrated to Israel over time – including large numbers who came after the Jews began their modern return — and have likewise developed a deep attachment to that land. To assert the Jewish claim is not to oppose mutual recognition between Israelis and Palestinians. On the contrary, most Israelis support the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel provided that this state would recognize Israel’s right to exist and renounce terrorism.

But precisely because so many now seek to deny it, asserting the Jewish claim has become essential to the cause of peace and mutual recognition. By denying the Jewish ties to the land, Israel’s enemies seek to reinforce the dangerous idea that the creation of Israel was a massive theft and injustice of historic proportions. This lie drives the very terrorism and rejectionism that has prevented peace in the Middle East ever since the day Israel was reborn. The only way Israel’s enemies can one day recognize and respect Jewish rights is if they are made aware of them.


Quote of the day

Speaking at a fundraiser in San Francisco, President Obama said, "Let’s face it: This has been the toughest year and a half since any year and a half since the 1930s." As others have pointed out, the period from the ’30s till now includes Pearl Harbor, World War II, the Cold War, the Korean War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War, race riots, Watergate, "stagflation," the Iran hostage crisis, 9/11, and much else. Certainly the current period has its challenges, but so have other periods, in fact most of them. If Obama keeps feeling sorry for himself, his next stage will be getting bitter, then clinging to guns and religion.

National Review, 21 June 2010

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Q: What kind of Socialist is Barack Obama?

A: Here you go ...

[I]s it correct, as an objective matter, to call Obama’s agenda "socialist"? That depends on what one means by socialism. The term has so many associations and has been used to describe so many divergent political and economic approaches that the only meaning sure to garner consensus is an assertive statism applied in the larger cause of "equality," usually through redistributive economic policies that involve a bias toward taking an intrusive and domineering role in the workings of the private sector. One might also apply another yardstick: an ambivalence, even antipathy, for democracy when democracy proves inconvenient.1 With this understanding as a vague guideline, the answer is certainly, Yes, Obama’s agenda is socialist in a broad sense. The Obama administration may not have planned on seizing the means of automobile production or asserting managerial control over Wall Street. But when faced with the choice, it did both. Obama did explicitly plan on imposing a massive restructuring of one-sixth of the U.S. economy through the use of state fiat—and he is beginning to do precisely that.

Read the rest here. It's good, goooood stuff (apologies to Andy Griffith).

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Your tax dollars at work

This is how Barry Obama "stimulates" jobs ... giving grants to universities to find out why pot-smokers and malt liquor-drinkers are shiftless and unproductive?!

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act — the fancy name of the 2009 stimulus bill—provided $389,357 to the State University of New York at Buffalo for project number 1R01AA01658001A — "Malt Liquor and Marijuana: Factors in Their Concurrent Versus Separate Use." ...

The SUNY Buffalo grant pays subjects to answer their cell phones over a three-week period and describe their feelings as they consume malt liquor and smoke marijuana.

I could make 1,000 tacky comments 'bout Obama, malt liquor, and the B'Obama Stimulus at this point.

I could, indeed, but I'd rather direct you to this:

Obama's voodoo economics

And this:

Why Obama's Stimulus Failed

Monday, June 07, 2010


We don't need no Barry Obamas 'round here

In 2008, John McCain bested B. Hussein Obama in Tennessee by 15 points.

According to Rasmussen Reports, 62 percent of Tennesseans now disapprove of the job President Obama is doing, "with 52 percent 'strongly' disapproving, while 36 percent approve."

Wow, Tennesseans are now 'gainst Obama by 26 points.

That's a pile of points.


Considering said polling data, I have an important question:

Reckon how Mike McWherter, Roy Herron, and Lincoln Davis would react if, tomorrow, President Obama called and said, "I want to come to Tennessee and knock on doors on your behalf, starting tomorrow" ...?

I betcha Mike, Roy, and Ol' Linc would say, "Thanks, but no thanks" (assuming they have the cognitive skills to assess the current political climate, of course -- which remains to be seen).

Saturday, June 05, 2010


Bustin' on Barry

One of Barry Obama's biggest cheerleaders, the Associated Press, is startin' to bust on him:

Barack Obama, being from Chicago, knows there are two basic ways to play foul in politics.

One is to break the law.

The other is to keep it legal, if shadily close to the line. It may not stink to high heaven, but it smells a little.

In the 2008 campaign and after, Obama said he'd tolerate neither as president, and he set the bar high.

How's he doing now?

Well, it's not all smelling like roses on the political front.

In a couple of known cases, his operatives tried to game the system ahead of Democratic congressional primaries, dangling job possibilities in front of challengers in hopes they would get out of the way of Obama's preferred incumbents. (They didn't.)

This appears to be mild stuff in the canon of political manipulation, the kind of puppeteering that leaders in both parties have done for generations.

For truly conniving, ego-driven, potty-mouthed machinations from the belly of the Chicago Democratic machine, tune in to the corruption trial just under way of Rod Blagojevich, the former Illinois governor accused of scheming to profit from his ability to fill Obama's old Senate seat.

Even so, dispensing favors for political ends was a specialty of the old ward bosses, not to mention some bare-knuckled presidents. Obama presented himself as above that sort of thing.

Read the rest here.

For the first twelve months of his presidency, ol' Barry Obama had on him a crust of Teflon that Ronald Reagan couldn't have whacked through with one of his ranch's post hole diggers.

Finally -- finally -- folks at the AP, and elsewhere, are starting to discover that Obama is a left-wing pol/hack straight outta Chicago's stinky basement of left-wing political hackery. I mean ...

Whilst campaigning, Obama said he wouldn't let lobbyists serve in his administration. He lied 'bout that. He also said that he wouldn't support a gov'ment mandate to require folks to buy health insurance. He lied about that, too.

And then came news that Obama and his minions -- illegally -- dangled political plums in front of folks they preferred not to see running for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania and Colorado. Obama says that non-paying, only-kinda-important political plums were so dangled ... but I believe that about like I believe that the moon is made out of cheese.

After all, we're not talking about President Barry Obama, D-Central Illinois, after all. We're talking about President Barry Obama, D(aley Machine)-Chicago.

2012 can't get here soon enough for me.

Friday, June 04, 2010


Quote of the day

Obama is among the most thin-skinned presidents we have had, and we see evidence of it in every possible venue imaginable, from one-on-one interviews to press conferences, from extemporaneous remarks to set speeches.

The president is constantly complaining about what others are saying about him. He is upset at Fox News, and conservative talk radio, and Republicans, and people carrying unflattering posters of him. He gets upset when his avalanche of faulty facts are challenged, like on health care. He gets upset when he is called on his hypocrisy, on everything from breaking his promise not to hire lobbyists in the White House to broadcasting health care meetings on C-SPAN to not curtailing earmarks to failing in his promises of transparency and bipartisanship.

In Obama's eyes, he is always the aggrieved, always the violated, always the victim of some injustice. He is America's virtuous and valorous hero, a man of unusually pure motives and uncommon wisdom, under assault by the forces of darkness.

It is all so darn unfair.

-- Peter Wehner

Thursday, June 03, 2010


I ♥ DNC (not that DNC)

One of my all-time favorite bands, Drivin' 'N' Cryin' has a new video -- their first in ages. Great video, even greater song. Check it out here:

How much do I heart DNC's brand of kick-ass Southern rock-n-roll? Well, last gig they had in Nashville, back in October, I snagged this poster off the wall o' the Exit/In ...

and it's being framed - for placement on one of my home office's walls - as we speak. (Okay, my bud Bruce, at my urging, actually snagged the poster. I'd feel guilty if'n I posted this up and didn't mention this important factoid.)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


It's beginning to look a lot like ... 1994

This is big news:

At 46%, President Obama's job approval average for the week ending May 30 is the lowest weekly average of his administration, one point below the previous low of 47% measured in April.

... as is this:

Riding a wave of unhappiness among independents, Republicans have increased their lead over Democrats in the preference poll for Congress, the Gallup organization reported Wednesday.

Republicans were preferred over Democrats by 49% to 43% in the generic vote in which those surveyed were asked to pick a party rather than a candidate. It is the largest lead by Republicans in the 2010 midterm election year, according to the polling organization.

That's all bad enough news for Democrats, but this is why folks on the left wing o' things need to start gettin' very worried ...

Congressmen Jason Altmire and Tim Murphy have previous engagements. Sen. Bob Casey Jr. and Rep. Mike Doyle are out of town on anniversary trips with their wives. Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato will be campaigning in Philadelphia.

When President Obama and Sen. Arlen Specter land at Pittsburgh International Airport today, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl will receive them by himself.

The rest of the region’s top elected officials declined White House invitations to attend Obama’s speech at Carnegie Mellon University this afternoon, their offices said.

Democrats ... in a state that Obama won in '08 ... are going outta their way to not be caught on camera with Obama. That ain't good (if'n you're a Democrat).

Oh, and here's how Obama's doing in the Land o' Wm. Penn:

No wonder Ketstone Dems are avoiding Obama like a dressed Thanksgiving turkey runnin' scared from the table of Oprah Winfrey. Said Dems and said turkey share one thing in common: they're gonna get chewed up ... and then some.


"All White Affair" ...?!

Man, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton need to get to Nashville, stat!!!


Stop playing golf!

In his left-wing Riefenstahlian classic, Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore showed images of George W. Bush playing golf in an effort to suggest that the then-Prez was playing around while Iraq, and America, burned. Moore failed to mention that Bush'd stopped playing golf when boots hit the ground in Iraq 'cause, well, such a revelation would've interrupted his Bush the Buffoonish Duffer meme. That didn't stop the media from replaying Moore's Bush-at-play scene, replete with the Go-Go's tune that accompanied said scene in Moore's film.

It's funny (funny, not surprising), but the mainstream media doesn't seem to have the same indignation when it comes to President Barry Obama's golfing. For the record, President Obama, who's been in office 'bout a year and a half, has played more rounds of golf than Bush did in eight years ... which you'd never know if'n you relied on the New York Times, Washington Post, or CBS Evening News, et al. as your primary news source.

All that said, there's a great new Web site -- -- which's more than happy to take our Holy Man president to task for his incessant golfing.

Here're some o' the things that took place whilst Barry was chasing his dimpled ball(s):

• As oil spill spreads and approaches Louisiana coast, President plays golf (5/22/2010)

• Skips visit to Polish Embassy in memory of Polish president; "Fore!" (4/18/2010)

• Plays golf instead of dealing with attempted Christmas Day bombing (12/25/2009)

• Delays decision on Afghanistan troop surge as casualties rise; plays golf (10/25/2009)

• Skips bipartisan negotiations over health care reform to play golf (9/1/2009)

• Plays golf in Massachusetts, fails to visit dying Sen. Ted Kennedy (8/23/2009)

• Misses Israeli Prime Minister’s historic speech offering a two-state solution (6/14/2009)

• Fails to stand up for Iranian democracy demonstrators, plays golf instead (6/14/2009)

• Plays golf as swine flu spreads; no CDC head or Surgeon-General yet (4/26/2009)

• President-elect Obama plays golf during Gaza War, refuses to comment (12/30/2008)

Has anyone ever looked to see if Obama tees off from the ladies' tee? He strikes me (!) as a feller who'd hit from the ladies' tee.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Love (on the rocks) Story

Al 'n' Tipper are callin' it quits. (If you're broken up 'bout them being broken up, you can send best/worst wishes to:

I don't know it for a fact, but I've sources who've told me that the break-up is due to Tipper's finding VHS footage of Al stumming a guitar whilst Twisted Sister's "You Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll" plays in the background.

Again, that's just a rumour ...

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