Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Le Jour de l'An

Happy New Year! The Nigh Seen Creeder will return Saturday, January 3, 2009.

Oh, and in the imortal words of Mr. Merle Kilgore: If you get on the whiskey, let somebody else drive!


Quote of the day

"So to recap all of this change you can believe in: A Kennedy and Cuomo are competing to succeed a Clinton in New York; the skids are greased for a Biden to replace a Biden in Delaware; one Salazar might replace another in Colorado; and a Governor charged with political corruption in Illinois wants one of his cronies to succeed the President-elect. Let's just say we're looking forward to 2009."

-- Wall Street Journal lead editorial, Dec. 31, 2008

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I stand with Israel

If tomorrow dawned and all was perfect in the world, we'd awake to this this headline in our local papers: "Hamas eviscerated in Gaza; Serious Palestinian-Israeli peace talks promised." I ain't gonna hold my breath whilst waiting to read that headline. Indeed, I'd smother to death if I did.

That said, the Campaign for Working Families tells us all we need to know about the IDF's ongoing campaign against terrorists in the Gaza Strip (good stuff):

Israel continues to conduct military operations in Gaza today in an attempt to destroy the Hamas terror infrastructure that has launched over 6,000 missiles into Israel since 2005. Israeli aircraft hit strategic targets throughout Gaza yesterday, while Hamas fired more than 70 rockets at Jewish cities and homes.

Notice the values of the two sides. Israel tries to avoid civilian casualties, but Hamas hides its arms in mosques and uses civilians as shields – both violations of international law. Hamas seeks civilian casualties among its own people for propaganda purposes and among Israelis to spread fear and terror. And just in case there is any confusion about the evil Israel is fighting, Jonah Goldberg of National Review posted these gems from the Hamas charter:

"Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it."

"There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors." The contrast couldn’t be clearer to everyone – except Big Media and the political Left, which continually present the radical Islamists as "David" and Israel as "Goliath." Unbelievably, the American Left is planning to hold "Gaza solidarity" rallies today in 26 states.

There was also action on the high seas. A boatload of self-proclaimed human rights activists heading toward Gaza to help the suffering Hamas fighters (of course) was intercepted by Israeli naval vessels. On board was former Democrat Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, best known for her anti-Semitism and anti-Israel rants. McKinney was a daily embarrassment while in Congress, and now she has taken her show overseas.

Even Hamas must wonder in amazement at what goes on the in the minds of the radical Left that leads them to oppose Western Civilization and embrace murderers like Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Lenin called people like McKinney "useful idiots." I was so happy at the news that her boat was stopped that I am searching for a way to make a donation to the Israeli Navy!


Re: B. Hussein's buddy Blago

Whilst discussing politics with a member of my family of Christmas Day, I said the following (copied-and-pasted from my steel-trap mind):

I think [Illinois Gov. Rod] Blagojevich will pick someone to replace [B. Hussein] Obama before he's either impeached or forced to resign.

Then I said ...

If he does pick someone, it will be someone who's black.

And I added ...

Harry Reid and the Democrats in the Senate will find life very difficult if they refuse to seat a minority, whether he or she's been appointed by a crook or not.

Man, I was soooooo right! And I've already dispatched an e-mail to my Cousin P.W. with this in the subject box: "Man, I was soooooo right!" To wit:

A defiant Gov. Rod Blagojevich on Tuesday appointed a black political trailblazer in Illinois to Barack Obama's former U.S. Senate seat, a surprise move that put race front and center in the ongoing drama surrounding the scandal-tarred governor.

The decision put his opponents in the uncomfortable position of vowing not to seat a veteran politician who would become the Senate's only black member.

As long as I'm talkin' 'bout my own I-told-you-so's, I must mention something I said on December 9:

B. Hussein Obama is going to be the first president in U.S. history whose presidential honeymoon ended before Inauguration Day. The stink of Gov. Rod Blagojevich will stick to Obama for at least - at least - the next twelve months.

Lest anyone think I was speaking out of my ass by saying such, the current scuttlebutt is this: if Senate Democrats refuse to seat Blago's choice to replace B. Hussein Obama in Congress, it's inevitable that federal courts will get involved, perhaps even to the U.S. Supreme Court.

If there's any good that's coming out of the whole Blago "situation," it's that folks across the country are becoming aware of just how corrupt are politicians in the state of Illinois, especially in Crook, er, Cook County. Too bad the general public's awareness of such didn't occur before they chose to elect a U.S. President who got his start in Crook, er, Cook County, Illinois. (Damn, I can't quit saying "Crook County" ...!)

Monday, December 29, 2008


A tale of two fitness buffs ...

This blogger has pointed out on many, many occasions that the mainstream media is not only biased in favor of left-wingers, it regularly employs left-wing-favoring double standards in its everyday reporting and pontificating.

Case in point: The media has breathlessly published pictures of B. Hussein Obama's buff body, while issuing equally breathless reports on his daily exercise routines. It wasn't that long ago, however, when a doyen of the MSM described George W. Bush's commitment to fitness as "creepy."

Michelle Malkin explains:

For adoring journalists, you see, Obama’s workout fanaticism demonstrates his discipline and balance in his life. Apparently, what’s good for Obama’s glistening pecs is good for the country. Zaslow quoted Obama Chicago crony Marty Nesbitt, who offered this diagnosis: "He doesn’t think of it as something he has to do — it’s his time for himself, a chance for him to reflect. It’s his break. He feels better and more revved up after he gets in his workout."

And when Obama feels better, the skies will part, the sun will shine (in moderate, environmentally-correct, non-global warming-inducing amounts, of course) and peace will reign worldwide!

Too bad the doughy, McDonald’s-chomping, coffee-guzzling members of the White House press corps couldn’t see the merits of White House exercise over the past eight years. After giggling about his out-of-shape colleagues in the media, Zaslow mentioned in passing that President George W. Bush shares Obama’s commitment to health. What he failed to acknowledge is that the same reporters who so greatly admire Obama’s lithe figure derided Bush for his training schedule.

Washington Post writer Jonathan Chait famously attacked Bush three years ago in an opinion piece for the Los Angeles Times headlined, "The (over)exercise of power." Recounting how President Bush ran 3 1/2 miles a day and preached more cross-training to a federal judge, Chait fumed: "Am I the only person who finds this disturbing?…What I mean is the fact that Bush has an obsession with exercise that borders on the creepy."

That said, Gaza's on fire, consumer confidence is at an all-time low, Gov. Blago is pouring gasoline on a GOP resurgent spark in Illinois, and the Democratic Congress is on course to receive the first 0% approval rating since, well, since approval ratings started being measured, and B. Hussein Obama is vacationing in a $9 million home in Hawai'i whilst playing lots of golf.

Imagine if John McCain'd been elected in November; and imagine, if you would, if a President-elect McCain was currently golfing and having a good ol' time three weeks before his swearing-in. Only a Nation-reading fool would disagree with me stating for the record that the mainstream media would be all over McCain's ass -- calling him "detached" and "out of touch" and "uncaring" and "Nero" and God-knows-what -- if he, as a President-elect, were acting like our current President-elect.

Left-wing media bias and double-standards ... forever as prevalent as crows over a cornfield. Indeed.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Merry Christmas!

Next to opening presents and passing out on the couch in a turkey-fueled haze, my favorite part of Christmas Day is watching A Christmas Story over, and over, and over again on TBS (DirecTV channel 247). Well-written, poignant, and uproariously funny, ACS will always be my favorite Christmas-themed movie -- mainly because of dialogue like this:

The Old Man [Reading the newspaper]: Did you hear about this guy who swallowed a yo-yo?
Mother: Swallowed a yo-yo?
TOM: Yeah, this clodhopper down in Griffin, Indiana.
M: There's the silliest things in the newspapers.
TOM: What do you mean "silly?" Tha-that's real news! That's not like that politics slop!

I'm gonna be watchin' A Christmas Story, and eating fried turkey, tomorrow; and then I'm gonna be out of town a few days (ducks aren't gonna shoot themselves). The Nigh Seen Creeder will return Sunday, December 28.


In Hoc Anno Domini

This editorial, which was written by the late Vermont Royster, has been published annually in the Wall Street Journal since 1949:

When Saul of Tarsus set out on his journey to Damascus the whole of the known world lay in bondage. There was one state, and it was Rome. There was one master for it all, and he was Tiberius Caesar.

Everywhere there was civil order, for the arm of the Roman law was long. Everywhere there was stability, in government and in society, for the centurions saw that it was so.

But everywhere there was something else, too. There was oppression -- for those who were not the friends of Tiberius Caesar. There was the tax gatherer to take the grain from the fields and the flax from the spindle to feed the legions or to fill the hungry treasury from which divine Caesar gave largess to the people. There was the impressor to find recruits for the circuses. There were executioners to quiet those whom the Emperor proscribed. What was a man for but to serve Caesar?

There was the persecution of men who dared think differently, who heard strange voices or read strange manuscripts. There was enslavement of men whose tribes came not from Rome, disdain for those who did not have the familiar visage. And most of all, there was everywhere a contempt for human life. What, to the strong, was one man more or less in a crowded world?

Then, of a sudden, there was a light in the world, and a man from Galilee saying, Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's and unto God the things that are God's.

And the voice from Galilee, which would defy Caesar, offered a new Kingdom in which each man could walk upright and bow to none but his God. Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. And he sent this gospel of the Kingdom of Man into the uttermost ends of the earth.

So the light came into the world and the men who lived in darkness were afraid, and they tried to lower a curtain so that man would still believe salvation lay with the leaders.

But it came to pass for a while in divers places that the truth did set man free, although the men of darkness were offended and they tried to put out the light. The voice said, Haste ye. Walk while you have the light, lest darkness come upon you, for he that walketh in darkness knoweth not whither he goeth.

Along the road to Damascus the light shone brightly. But afterward Paul of Tarsus, too, was sore afraid. He feared that other Caesars, other prophets, might one day persuade men that man was nothing save a servant unto them, that men might yield up their birthright from God for pottage and walk no more in freedom.

Then might it come to pass that darkness would settle again over the lands and there would be a burning of books and men would think only of what they should eat and what they should wear, and would give heed only to new Caesars and to false prophets. Then might it come to pass that men would not look upward to see even a winter's star in the East, and once more, there would be no light at all in the darkness.

And so Paul, the apostle of the Son of Man, spoke to his brethren, the Galatians, the words he would have us remember afterward in each of the years of his Lord:

Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.

Monday, December 22, 2008


A booming voice of opposition

Regular Creeder Readers are well aware that I had some pretty biting things to say 'bout Fred Thompson during the 2008 GOP presidential primaries. I said such things not because I didn't/don't like Fred -- I voted for the man four times when he was running for U.S. Senate in Tennessee (primaries and general elections) -- I just didn't think he was fully prepared to run a balls to the wall presidential campaign ... and, as we all know, he wasn't.

That said, Fred Thompson is about to try his hand at talk-radio:

Fred Thompson, the Law & Order star turned presidential candidate, will begin hosting a two-hour show in March, as the syndicator Westwood One is expected to announce this week. Mr. Thompson’s show would take the place of Mr. [Bill] O’Reilly’s. ...

Mr. Thompson will start on March 2, replacing O’Reilly, who has said that he needed to spend more time working on his top-rated Fox News program. (Mr. O’Reilly will continue to record daily 'talking points' segments for Westwood One affiliates.)

I wish ol' Fred all the luck in the world. When I can, I will be tuning in to his show.

That said, stay tuned to TNSC, 'cause I'm gonna scan in a cool-lookin' Thompson '94 lapel sticker.


Let's talk about Kwanzaa ...

So, how many of you people know of the true origins of Kwanzaa? Nobody?

Next time you come across Kwanzaa "greeting" cards at the grocery store, or Kwanzaa wrapping paper at Target, pause for a moment and reflect upon this:

"Every year school children across the United States are forced to celebrate Kwanzaa by their politically correct, union backed teachers. So, every year I try to write a piece reminding people about what a media backed scam Kwanzaa really is -- all of the makings of a Hallmark 'holiday,' i.e. a 'holiday' solely designed to get you to buy crap.

"Kwanzaa did not come about until the 1960's. It was founded by a felon named Ron Karenga. Mr. Karenga spent time in prison for assaulting and torturing two black women. According to one of the the women in a Los Angeles Times article, the two women 'were whipped with an electrical cord and beaten with a karate baton after being ordered to remove their clothes. She testified that a hot soldering iron was placed in Ms. Davis's mouth and placed against Ms. Davis's face.'

"Let's also remember Mr. Karenga's own words. He noted, 'People think it's African, but it's not. I came up with Kwanzaa because black people wouldn't celebrate it if they knew it was American. Also, I put it around Christmas because I knew that's when a lot of Bloods were partying.' You be sure to remember that quote when your child is forced to celebrate it at school. Be sure to also remember Mr. Karenga called Jesus 'psychotic' and called Christianity a white religion black people should shun." [Emphasis mine]

Friday, December 19, 2008


Christmas shed-yule

Joltin' Django's got a lot on his plate this here Christmas season. I can't promise that I'll be posting every day, or every other day for that matter.

Please don't fret if'n you don't hear from me for a couple of days. Just know that 2009 is going to be an exciting year for The Nigh Seen Creeder.

Stay tuned.



Never let it be said that the Nigh Seen Creeder refuses to praise his "enemies" when praise is warranted.

Al Sharpton says he's against "Card Check," and for that he should be praised. To wit:

Lest anyone think this is a first - that is, me praising a crackpot liberal - don't forget that I gave former Sen. George McGovern some serious props just prior to the November presidential election ... right here.


Start spreadin' the news: Don't move to New York

You're the governor of a state in America's Northeast. Your state, which already features some of the highest taxes in the U.S., is facing down its biggest budget crisis ever. So, what do you do?

If you're New York Gov. David Patterson, you propose some 80+ increases in taxes and fees. Methinks Gov. Patterson never heard that quip 'bout how the insane do the same thing over and over again whilst expecting a different result.

Gary Bauer tells us more:

It's been said that the states are "laboratories of democracy," where innovative thinking can flourish and new ideas can be tested. In these uncertain economic times, it is illustrative to see how some politicians are tackling the challenges before them. Take New York. Faced with a $15 billion budget gap, Democrat Governor David Paterson unveiled a new budget that calls for more than 100 new fees and tax hikes, while still managing to increase spending -- yes, that's right, increase spending by more than one billion dollars. And when it comes time to raise taxes, liberal politicians can be quite creative! Just consider a few new taxes Gov. Paterson has thought up:

* an iPod tax on "digitally delivered entertainment services"
* a 50-cent tax on cigars
* an 18% "fat tax" on non-diet sodas
* A 4 percent tax on cable and satellite TV services
* increased gas taxes

Gov. Paterson's tax bonanza has even fellow Democrats, like Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, complaining that he's "nickel-and-diming" New Yorkers. But Paterson may not be done yet. According to a report in Tuesday's
New York Daily News, "Paterson did not rule out income tax increases."

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I consume 3-5 Coca-Colas each day. If'n my governor ever proposes an 18 percent tax on "non-diet sodas," I'm going to ... let's just say that I'll do Nathan Hale and Samuel Adams proud.


Paul Weyrich, RIP

Paul Weyrich, who served as the Heritage Foundation's first president and who founded the Free Congress Foundation, died yesterday at the age of 66.

In 1993, I struck up a conversation with Paul Weyrich at the College Republicans' centennial celebration. I happened to mention that I'd just begun reading Russell Kirk's The Conservative Mind: From Burke to Eliot. Weyrich's eyes got big when I name-checked Kirk; and then, over the course of about 20 minutes, Weyrich told me more about Kirk than I've been able to glean from the half-dozen books I've read 'bout the man in the ensuing 15 years.

Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner released this statement upon learning of Paul Weyrich's passing:

Moral courage was a defining trait of Paul himself. On any policy issue that turned on a core principle, he never failed to take a public stand–regardless of how that stand might affect his professional or personal relationships. A political animal of the highest order, he always chose principle over any temporary “strategic” abandonment of principle designed to win some transitory political victory.

This moral courage was matched with the physical courage he displayed in the face of physical disability in his later years.

Paul Weyrich was a visionary, a builder, a moral and political leader. America is a better and stronger country because of his contributions. He will be sorely missed.

I couldn't agree more.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


"Cynicism is poised to become ..."

Alaska Governor, and 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin's home church, the Wasilla Bible Church, was set on fire last week and sustained about $1 million in damages.

According to the Associated Press, federal officials confirmed that "an accelerant was poured at several locations around the [Wasilla Bible Church], including entrances." Oh, and a women’s group, with small children present, was meeting inside the church when the blaze was set. Fortunately, they were able to escape when a fire alarm was activated.

How many times have you heard about the Wasilla Bible Church fire over the past several days? Once or twice, or not at all?

Can you image what would happen if B. Hussein Obama's, er, former church, Trinity United Church of Christ, or Joe Biden’s Catholic church -- where's he go? -- had been set on fire? MSNBC and CNN would have dozens of news vans providing 'round the clock coverage and commentary. "Stop the Hate" groups would be holding candlelight vigils. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would come out of the cave in which they've been hiding -- exiled?! -- during the past six months to remind us that we still live in an über-racist, anti-Papist, nation.

I could now uncork another 300 words about the liberal media, left-wing hypocrisy and the like. But I'd just be preaching the very obvious ... yet again.

Forgive me for being very, very cynical. Cynicism is poised to become the single greatest virtue one can possess in Obama's America. Indeed.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Pump-prime this, B.H. Obama

President-elect B. Hussein Obama has announced that he intends to spend $1 trillion over the next two years in an effort to jump-start the U.S. economy. Naturally, the Congressional Keynesian Chorus, 99 percent of whom are Democrats, is cheering him on, as is the New York Times' editorial page.

If Obama goes through with his promise to spend a trillion dollars on "ingrastructure" and the like, he won't be the first national leader to do so in the past fifteen years. Hell, he won't be the first, or second, or third.

In the 1990s, some half-dozen different Japanese prime ministers spent some several trillion yen trying to "pump-prime" (folks who've studied economics know what that means) Japan's economy out of a deep, deep slump. Japan's government spent and spent, and the economy stalled and stagnated ... and the Japanese now refer to the 1990s as the "lost decade."

A few months back, I said B. Hussein Obama was the most economically ignorant presidential candidate in living memory. I stand my that remark. Today's Wall Street Journal backs me up ...

In the Age of Obama, we seem fated to re-explain these eternal [economic] lessons. So for today we thought we'd recount the history of the last major country that tried to spend its way to "stimulus" -- Japan during its "lost decade" of the 1990s. In 1992, Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa faced falling property prices and a stock market that had sunk 60% in three years. Mr. Miyazawa's Liberal Democratic Party won re-election promising that Japan would spend its way to becoming a "lifestyle superpower." The country embarked on a great Keynesian experiment:

August 1992: 10.7 trillion yen ($85 billion). Japan passed its largest-ever stimulus package to that time, with 8.6 trillion yen earmarked for public works, 1.2 trillion to expand loan quotas for small- and medium-sized businesses and 900 billion for the Japan Development Bank. The package passed in December, but investment kept falling and unemployment rose. By the end of the year, Japan's debt-to-GDP ratio was 68.6%.

April 1993: 13.2 trillion yen. At exchange rates of the day, this was a whopping $117 billion giveaway, again mostly for public works and small businesses. Tokyo erupted into domestic politicking over election practices, the economy went sideways, and the government fell. New Prime Minister Morihiro Hosokawa floated tax cuts, deregulation and decentralization to spur growth. But as the economy worsened -- inflation-adjusted GNP shrank 0.5% in the April to June quarter -- the political drumbeat for handouts increased.

September 1993: 6.2 trillion yen. Mr. Hosokawa announced a compromise "smaller" stimulus of $59 billion, along with minor deregulation. He dropped plans for an income-tax cut. The stimulus included 2.9 trillion yen in low-interest home financing, one trillion yen for "social infrastructure," and another trillion for business. The economy didn't respond. By the end of the year, Japan's debt-to-GDP reached 74.7%.

Is any of this beginning to sound familiar? There's more.

Read the rest here.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Keynes is still dead

Creeder Readers are well aware of how much historical contempt I have for one J.M. Keynes. Indeed, I'd like to go back in time and whip his ass with the discredited Phillip's Curve ... and come back to do the same to Paul Krugman.

Speaking of Keynes, this is good:


God save the electoral college

Every few months we have to endure some unlearned dipshit -- nine times out of ten it's a left-wing unlearned dipshit -- who wants to scrap the electoral college. The latest is Jonathan Soros, son of George Soros, in the Wall Street Journal. You can read Soros Jr.'s ill-thought and unlearned musing here.

My two cents 'bout the electoral college:

Far from being archaic, the electoral college is a crucial part of our Republic's machinery for combining democracy with constitutionalism and the rule of law. Indeed, as the Claremont Institute's Charles Kesler opined during the 2000 election imbroglio, "[The electoral college] ensures that the president will be chosen not by a plebiscitary majority but by a constitutional one, distributed by states and moderated by the need to accommodate a variety of interests and viewpoints."

Liberal bellyaching about the electoral college didn't start until it, well, worked. As you may recall, in the months leading up to the 2000 presidential election, many pundits were predicting that George W. Bush would win the popular vote and Al Gore would prevail in the electoral count. When the exact opposite occurred (we all know the story by now), Hillary Clinton, Jesse Jackson, Jr., and other lefties began calling for the abolition of the electoral college. We were then treated to months of liberal bellyaching about how democracy had been subverted and such. Far from being subverted, our nation's particular brand of democracy had worked just as the founders had envisioned.

To appreciate the electoral college's relevancy - nay, necessity - in these modern times, one need only examine a county-by-county map from the 2000 election. The famous red/blue map reveals a sea of Bush-red counties, while Al Gore's support is concentrated in a select number of large metropolitan areas. The electoral college ensured in 2000 - and again in 2004 - that the overwhelmingly liberal voters who live in and around Boston, New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angles, and San Francisco did not trump "majority" America's interests.

That said, during the 2008 election Barack Obama campaigned vigorously, and spent millions of dollars running TV ads, in Indiana and North Carolina ... and he narrowly won the electoral votes of both states. If the electoral college didn't exist, ain't no way Obama and/or Joe Biden (remember him?!) would've made 20+ appearances in the Hoosier State. Indeed, the Obama campaign did electoral math, and they decided to put megabucks into a state with (a) a traditional Republican tradition and (b) a "largest city" that's smaller than Jacksonville, Florida.

You know, Soros says eliminating the electoral college will ensure "national" elections. But is an election in which a president is more or less chosen by the folks living in a half-dozen or so cities really a "national" election? If the electoral college disappeared tomorrow, is there any doubt that liberal politicians would dump millions and millions of dollars into coastal megalopolises directing anyone and everyone - even those who've not the slightest clue what "three branches of government" means - to the polls?!

Finally, I often recommend Dr. George Grant's The Importance of the Electoral College to those who express interest in the subject. Methinks Jonothan Soros needs to pick up a copy as well. Here are two of my favorite passages:

"Direct popular election of the president was rejected by the Framers because it failed to protect the states from the intrusion of massed centralized forces. They reasoned that a pure democracy was more easily corrupted than a federal republic. It would essentially eliminate state borders and state prerogative, and whenever more centralized government directly governs the people, they thought that there was likely to be more opportunity for corruption. And electing the president by the Legislative or Judicial branches would violate the separation of powers. Thus, the federal solution was to elect the president by a balanced representation of the States and the people. Electors, independent from either the states or the national government, were elected in accordance with standards established by the State legislatures, and the electors then elected the president. This federal approach carefully avoided direct dependency upon either the states or the people, but kept both represented in the process. Giving each State the number of electors as they have representatives in Congress was also in harmony with this balance."

Grant explains further: "The federal nature of the American Constitutional covenant enables the nation to function as a republic - thus specifically avoiding the dangers of a pure democracy. Republics exercise governmental authority through mediating representatives under the rule of law. Pure democracies on the other hand exercise governmental authority through the imposition of the will of the majority without regard for the concerns of any minority - thus allowing law to be subject to the whims, fashions, and fancies of men. The Founders designed federal system of the United States so that the nation could be, as John Adams described it, a ‘government of law, not of men.'"

Friday, December 12, 2008


Here we go ...!

Deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper
Sweeter and sweeter and sweeter and sweeter

-- Madonna, "Deeper and Deeper"

Remember when I said "[t]he stink of Gov. Rod Blagojevich will stick to Obama for at least - at least - the next twelve months" ...? Oh, there's some stinkin' goin' on ...! Check it out (courtesy of the Campaign for Working Families PAC):

Multiple press reports today indicate that Chicago-area Congressmen Rahm Emanuel and Jesse Jackson, Jr., remain key figures in the ongoing scandal involving Barack Obama’s Illinois Senate seat. Fox News Chicago affiliate WFLD reports that an anonymous source familiar with the investigation has told WFLD that "there were indeed conversations between Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and the Governor himself about candidates who might be filling the seat vacated by Barack Obama, and those conversations may have been taped."

The Chicago Tribune reports today that several businessmen with close ties to both Gov. Blagojevich and Jesse Jackson, Jr., were working in late October to get Jackson appointed to the Senate by raising as much as $1.5 million for the Illinois governor. One of the businessmen identified in the Tribune report is Jonathan Jackson, the congressman’s brother. Rep. Jackson denies any knowledge of efforts to get him appointed, and Rep. Rahm Emanuel is not responding to questions from reporters.

Here we go ...!


Can you even imagine this douchebag serving as Tennessee's governor ...?!

Regular Creeder Readers will recall that I have absolutely no use for Tennessean columnist Gail Kerr. Remember?

Yesterday, Ms. Kerr penned a column in which she discussed how country music superstar Tim McGraw is currently thinking about throwing the cowboy hat that covers his plugs into the 2010 Tennessee gubernatorial ring (as a Democrat).

Since she didn't dismiss McGraw's delusion of political grandeur, I now state for the record that I will NEVER read another Gail Kerr column again.

Tim McGraw has apparently fancied himself a potential political figure for some many months. Back in 2006, he said he'd make a good Tennessee governor because he could "make some decisions and change some things."

Make some decisions and change some things.

That's a fountain of political wisdom right there ... that's a geyser (apologies to Carl Showalter).

BTW: In her column, Kerr equates Tim McGraw's potential run for Governor with Ronald Reagan's actual stints as governor of California and U.S. Prez. If she'd ever taken the time to read Reagan In His Own Hand, she'd know ... well, she'd know that Tim McGraw ain't no fuckin' Ronald Reagan.


Thursday, December 11, 2008


Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow!

Yesterday, some 650 international scientists went public to dispute Al Gore and his ilk's global warming claims. Greenies everywhere immediately got all offended, and they stated for the record that the earth is still gettin' hot, hot, hot. Well ...

Tonight in Nashville - Gore's supposed place of primary residence - we had a big ol' snow and sleet storm; and tomorrow, for the first time in my memory, Nashville's public schools will taking a pre-Christmas snow day. Hell, it took me almost an hour to drive the four-and-a-half miles from my office to my home this ev'ning (I'm usually home in 10 minutes).

Here's a pic of my backyard as the snow began to fall:

Here's a pic taken in my driveway 'bout 30 minutes later ...

Wherever he is, I hope Al Gore is freezin' his big ass off. His "fellow Nashvillians" sure are ...!


Oh, so clever ...!

If the following don't make you laugh, then you don't know NOTHING 'bout satire, politics, or economics ...

With the government on the brink of rescuing the U.S. auto industry, we have learned that the Treasury Department is drawing up plans to bail out Christmas. "We have reason to believe," said a person close to the matter, "that without an immediate capital injection, Santa Claus will fail before December 24." Mr. Claus could not be reached for comment.

Government officials are said to be concerned at the risk that the collapse of Santa Claus could pose to the nation's intricately related system of holiday happiness. Though a failure by Santa Claus poses the largest systemic risk, the government is also prepared to step in to bail out Christmas trees, caroling parties and mistletoe producers.

President-elect Barack Obama has been briefed on the initiative, and through a spokesman was quoted as saying, "I'm OK with bailing out Christmas."

Inside Treasury, some officials privately worry that such a precedent could result in the nationalization of Santa Claus, leading to similar calls for help next year from the Easter Bunny and even Valentine's Day. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson personally concluded, however, that "Santa Claus is too big to fail."

Read the rest here.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008



[Editor's Note: This post was ready for publication 'bout 11:45 last night. Blogger was unavailable at the time, and I fell asleep waiting for it to be, well, available. Here 'tis, some 13 hours later.]

The Rev'rend Jesse Jackson's son, U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., was identified today as the "Senate Candidate No. 5" mentioned in a federal affidavit alleging that Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich's been trying to sell President-elect B. Hussein Obama's vacated U.S. Senate seat to the highest bidder. The affidavit states that Senate Candidate No. 5 was willing to pony up a half-million or a million bucks for the seat.

Earlier today, Rep. Jackson said he "reject[s] ... pay-to-play politics." He also denied that he ever offered to "pay" Gov. Blagojevich for Obama's Senate seat. Jackson may indeed be completely innocent. We'll learn more as Patrick Fitzgerald pursues and prosecutes his case against Blagojevich and his accomplice(s). That said ...

Let's just say, for the sake of argument, that Jesse Jackson, Jr., never once told - or even hinted - that he'd be willing to write a check to Blagojevich so's he could take Obama's place in the Senate. Why, then, would Blago suggest - in a half-dozen wiretapped phone calls - that Junior Jackson was ready to "pay-to-play"? Well ...

It probably has something to do with the fact that Jesse Jackson, Sr. is a known shakedown artist who -- despite his civil rights credentials as an associate of Martin Luther King, Jr. -- is as crooked as the day is long. Think I'm being unfair?

Once upon a time, Big Jesse spent a lot of his time preaching how familial commitments must be kept, and how it's important to tell the truth. Then it was revealed that the elder Jackson had squired a love child ... and he'd paid his baby mama big money to keep quiet.

I certainly hope that Jesse Jr. is telling the truth when he says he didn't offer a bribe to improve his political lot in life. I fear, however, that he's fallen under the spell of his family's pay-'em-off, take-it-all mentality. And I will NOT be shocked if it's revealed that Senate Candidate No. 5 wanted to pay big money to play the biggest game in D.C. town. Indeed.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Tom Tancredo does some truth-telling

U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo has set the record straight 'bout Hispanics and the 2008 election. A sample:

As part of conservatives' sober assessment of the 2008 election, we need to take a close look at the so-called "Hispanic vote." I offer the following observations, which are based on the latest available exit poll data and respected voter surveys. The real problem goes much deeper than John McCain's inept campaign. We can and must do a better job of reaching Hispanic voters, but we can do that without pandering or compromising conservative principles.

1. Is there such a thing as the "Hispanic Vote"?

Yes and No. Hispanics do not vote as a bloc and their pattern of voting did not change radically in 2008, contrary to the hype and distortion coming from amnesty advocates like the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF). What changed was the number of Hispanic citizens who went to the polls in 2008, not their party allegiances. If you correct the voting data for income and education levels, Hispanics vote much the same way as other Americans of similar socio-economic status.

2. Was there a major shift among Hispanic voters toward the Democrat Party in 2008?

No, not relative to historical patterns of the past 20 years. According to the Pew Hispanic Center report on the 2008 election, the 67% of Hispanic votes that went to Barack Obama was within the norm for presidential elections since 1988. Bill Clinton got 72% in 1996 and Al Gore 62% in 2000. Thus, Obama's 67% was not a departure from historical levels. While Bush got 40% of the Hispanic vote in 2004, he got only 35% in 2000 and the Republican candidate in 1996, Robert Dole, received only 21%.

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Re: L'affaire Blagojevich

"We've got a governor in Rod Blagojevich who has delivered consistently on behalf of the people of Illinois."

-- Then-U.S. Senator B. Hussein Obama

"[I have to] give this motherfucker [President-elect B. Hussein Obama] his senator? Fuck him. For nothing? Fuck him."

-- Governor Rod Blagojevich

The blogosphere is full of commentary on l'affaire Blagojevich. I'm not going to pontificate on the sit-chee-a-shun 'cause there's already so much pontification out there already. I will, however, make these three quick points:

B. Hussein Obama is going to be the first president in U.S. history whose presidential honeymoon ended before Inauguration Day. The stink of Gov. Rod Blagojevich will stick to Obama for at least - at least - the next twelve months.

With the events of today, the mainstream media is suddenly interested in the corrupt Chicago political machine that spawned State Rep./Congressman/Governor Rod Blagojevich and State Senator/U.S. Senator/President-elect B. Hussein Obama. During the 2008 presidential election, the only folks who were talking about Obama's ties to the crooks and cranks in Chicago were conservative bloggers and authors like David Freddoso and Jerome Corsi. Just more proof that the media, deliberately, abrogated its duty to tell the truth, the whole truth, 'bout Obama during the 2008 presidential election.

Republican prospects in the Land of Lincoln are all of a sudden looking up, up, up. It's hard to come up with a Democratic politician in Illinois who doesn't have a connection to the Blagojevich administration or Chicago's corrupt political culture. Thus, the unlucky guy or gal who's appointed by Gov. Blagojevich or Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn, who would replace Blago upon his resignation or impeachment, will have to endure a re-election campaign in which his or her picture appears alongside that of Blagojevich in dozens of television ads and direct-mail pieces. What once seemed to be a safe - with a capital "S" - Senate seat for the Democrats is suddenly in play. Furthermore, if the GOP can recruit a candidate with solid reformist credentials to run for governor in 2010 - paging Patrick Fitzgerald - the governor's mansion will be theirs to lose.

Monday, December 08, 2008


Good news from the North Star State (l'étoile du nord)

From Hot Air:

It’s increasingly clear that [Al] Franken won’t win the [Minnesota U.S. Senate] recount. Now, without the possibility of reaching 60 Democratic seats in the Senate, Harry Reid won’t have much motivation to make war in the Senate next year in an attempt to seat Franken.

This may be headed for court, but it’s no longer likely that Franken will find a judge willing to overturn an election for him.

The U.S. Senate already features a socialist clown (Bernie Sanders). It has a hormonally-imbalanced clown, too (Babs Boxer). There's a sombitchin' clown in there who needs to (a) have his red-faced blood pressure checked, and (b) needs to get his ass into an anger-management program (Jim Webb). And let's not even start talkin' 'bout Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin ... two clowns who'd knock down their mothers to get twenty seconds of face-time on CNN or NBC's Nightly News.

The last fuckin' thing America needs right now is Al-fuckin'-Franken in the U.S. Senate. Jesus, I can't believe I'm even using "Al Franken" and "U.S. Senate" in the same sentence. I mean, the Senate floor was once stomped by folks named Webster, Clay, and Taft ... and Al Franken (who's most famous for his coke-nose and a talk-into-a-mirror skit on Saturday Night Live) wants to stomp the same floor?

If a celebrity buffoon like Franken manages to win - nay, steal - a U.S. Senate seat, I fear it will only encourage other celebrity buffoons to attempt to emulate him. Indeed, it'll only be a matter of time before some C-list actor or actress like, say, Fran Drescher gets electoral fever.

Wait, what's that you say?!


Quote of the day

"What this country needs is a really good five-cent cigar."

Vice President Thomas R. Marshall

Bailouts. Make-work infrastructure schemes. Free-spending, profligate governors petitioning the government for "loans." Rep. Barney "I Want To Roll The Dice On Subsidized Housing" Frank denying he had anything to do with the mortgage crisis, and then finding himself in a position to greatly influence legislation dealing with the mortgage crisis he helped create.

Americans would indeed profit if five-cent cigars were readily available. They'd profit even more, however, if a wave of common sense washed over the folks currently running the Treasury Department, and the folks who'll soon find themselves in the employ of Saint B. Hussein Obama, aka the "President-elect."


"Did you hear about" ...?

Did you hear about President-elect B. Hussein Obama's big make-work scheme? Here's what he wants to do:

On the heels of more grim unemployment news, the US president-elect, Barack Obama, has offered the first glimpse of what would be the largest public works program in the US since the 1950s.

Mr Obama said the massive government spending program he proposes to lift the country out of recession will include a renewed effort to make public buildings energy-efficient, rebuild the nation's highways, renovate ageing schools and install computers in classrooms, extend high-speed internet to underserved areas and modernise hospitals by giving them access to electronic medical records. ...

Mr Obama offered few details and no cost estimate for the investment in public infrastructure.

Know what's funny 'bout Obama and his New Deal Number Two (emphasis on "number two")? A member of his campaign's economic team says it won't work.

Economist Jason Furman - who joined Team Obama this past summer - testified before Congress in January on the effectiveness of "stimulus" plans. He told his interlocutors then that "infrastructure" programs are "likely to be less effective in spurring economic activity" than fiscal stimulus (i.e., cutting taxes, cutting government spending, and discarding stifling regulations). Why? Because (a) such programs usually aren't implemented until after the economy has recovered, and (b) 'cause of something called bureaucracy.

I have a funny feeling that one Jason Furman ain't gonna find gainful employment on Obama's National Economic Council or Council of Economic Advisors. That's a shame because, well, he seems to be the sole SANE economic advisor on Team B. Hussein Obama's payroll.

Postscript: I want to know why taxpayers are funding two White House offices, the National Economic Council and the Council of Economic Advisors - that do basically - nay, exactly - the same thing: offer the president insight and advice on matters economic. Seems like, in these hard times, the U.S. government could be saving it some dollars if it eliminated redundant federal offices. Methinks the National Economic Council is a good place to start.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


Pic of the day

This guns and butter, er, butts picture was taken at Camp Victory, Baghdad:

When I look that pic, all I can think is ... "U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A.!"


Go, Cao, Go!

Three cheers for the folks who live in Louisiana's 2nd Congressional District (New Orleans). To wit:

Voters in Louisiana ousted indicted Democratic Rep. William Jefferson on Saturday, instead electing a Republican attorney who will be the first Vietnamese-American in Congress.

Unofficial results showed Anh "Joseph" Cao denying Jefferson a 10th term. Republicans made an aggressive push to take the seat from the 61-year-old incumbent, who has pleaded not guilty to charges of bribery, laundering money and misusing his congressional office. ...

Though he was the underdog, Cao received endorsements from some Democrat and green-conscious groups as well as the area's Vietnamese-American community. Cao came to the United States as a child after the fall of Saigon in 1975 and went on to earn degrees in philosophy, physics and law.

Louisiana has now elected the nation's first Indian-American governor and the first Vietnamese-American congressman ... and both of 'em are Republicans. It's funny - no, wait, it's more sad than funny - that the mainstream media has greeted these two happenings, if you will, with a great collective sigh.

That said, I want all of the Obamaniacs who read this blog to keep this in mind whenever they're getting all tingly 'bout their Man: President-elect B. Hussein Obama was attending the esteemed Punahou Academy in Hawaii when U.S. Representative-elect Joseph Cao and his his family were fleeing with their lives as communist forces overran South Vietnam.

You know, a charge of bigamy is the only thing from which a member of Obama's immediate family has fled. Sad, but true.

Friday, December 05, 2008


La justice est servie!

Disgraced former American football star O.J. Simpson was sentenced Friday to at least 15 years in prison for armed robbery and kidnapping during a 2007 raid on a Las Vegas hotel room.


It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes a little bit o’ justice gets served in this world. The views of conspiracy theorists/race-hustlers notwithstanding, O.J. Simpson ****in’ murdered his wife in 1994. His ass should’ve been firmly planted in an 8'x8' jail cell in October 1995, and it should’ve stayed there (or perished in California's gas chamber).

That said, if there’s TRUE justice in this world, O.J.’s murdering, gun-pointing ass will die in prison. I hate to say it, but I’m crossing my fingers that such will indeed happen.

Wait, I don’t hate saying that …


Re: "If you think health care is expensive now ..."

If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it's free.

-- P.J. O'Rourke

Whenever a leftist U.S. politician starts yapping about "universal health care," Canada's gov'ment-run system is cited as the be-all, end-all of what what health care-delivery should be.

Before you go saying "Let's do the Canada thing!" along with them leftist politicians, consider the following from a Canadian who knows all about Canada's ... well, this:

Free health care means that you cannot get a family doctor, and if you do, you cannot get an appointment. Should you require a hospital, you will be forced to wait hours like you would in a "county" hospital, and you will be treated on second rate equipment bought at a "going out of business sale" or something. It is actually ILLEGAL to buy health care here. Think about your Life/Liberty/Pursuit of Happiness clause. We do not have the right to live. In 2004, a Quebec man sued via the Quebec Supreme Court that this was unconstitutional. He had waited so long for hip surgery that he was now addicted to his pain killers. The court agreed with him, but no changes to policy have been made as yet. People continue to die. My mother was told she had pre-manopausal depression. The correct diagnosis would have been LUNG CANCER. A bit different, huh? She died when I was 14, five months after she was misdiagnosed. All our good medical graduates went to America, where they can make decent salaries and not be paying off their student loans for the next 15 years. Did you know that many of your doctors come from a school called McGill. That’s ours. It has more Americans than Canadians in it.


Can you say "Irony" ...?

The Mexican government basically shits itself each and every time an American lawmaker threatens to put the screws to folks who illegally cross the U.S.'s southern border. It ain't no secret why they do such: Mexican illegals in the United States remit millions and millions of dollars back to friends and families in their homeland. Indeed, remittances are Mexico's second-largest source of foreign currency after oil exports.

Mexico don't do **** to keep its nationals from crashing America's southern border. Mexico does do something, however, when foreign nationals crash its border(s), like sending 'em back to the place from which they came. To wit:

Mexico sent home the first group of illegal Cuban migrants under a new accord aimed at cutting off an increasingly violent human-trafficking route to the United States, the government said Thursday.

The 41 migrants left the resort city of Cancun aboard a Mexican navy ship taking them back to Cuba, a statement from the navy and the Interior Department said.

Before Mexico signed the agreement with Cuba in October, authorities rarely sent migrants back to the communist island.

Until now, Cubans were detained briefly in Mexico, then given 10- to 30-day exit orders. That allowed them to continue on to Texas, where all that is required of Cuban migrants are identity documents and medical and background checks before they are welcomed to America.

As it became harder to dodge U.S. Coast Guard vessels and reach Florida by sea to qualify for U.S. residency, Cuban migrants in recent years have increasingly chosen Mexico — often heading to the coast near Cancun — as their route to the United States.

But Mexico has become frustrated with the migrations as violent traffickers increasingly got involved in moving them across the country. Several Cuban-Americans believed to be involved in smuggling have been killed in recent years in or around Cancun, about 120 miles (195 kilometers) southwest of Cuba.

In June, gunmen snatched 33 Cubans off a government bus headed to an immigration station in southern Mexico, possibly to extort money from them or their smugglers. Many of those migrants later turned up in the U.S.

Thursday, December 04, 2008


"Oh Obama – convert to Islam, and you will be saved."

In a sermon broadcast on Egyptian television, Muslim cleric Hassan Abu Al-Ashbal had some things to say to one President-elect B. Hussein Obama:

My message to him is three-fold. First, I invite him to convert to Islam. This is the call of the Prophet and of Allah. Oh Obama – convert to Islam, and you will be saved. I hope that Allah will reward you twice: Once for converting to Islam, and another reward for all those who will convert in your footsteps. If you want glory – you will find it in Islam. If you want honor – you will find it in Islam. In religions other than Islam there is utter humiliation, even if you are the president of the entire world.

It's funny that a pissant "cleric" in Egypt thinks its his place to tell the next President of the United States what to do. What ain't so funny is this:

If Obama took to the airwaves tomorrow and announced that he was converting to Islam, there'd be a great many lemmings, er, Americans who would "convert in his footsteps." Hell, Oprah Winfrey would probably lead the way.

You can see a video of Hassan Abu Al-Ashbal's sermon here.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Move along Jim Martin, you b****

As I'm sure you now know, U.S. Senate candidate Jim Martin got his Democratic ass soundly beat in yesterday's run-off in Georgia.

In the closing days of the run-off campaign, Martin's opponent, Senator Saxby Chambliss, invited 2008 GOP VP-nominee Sarah Palin to stump for him. Who'd Martin get? The Three Kings of Misogyny. To wit:

That's rappers T.I., Young Jeezy, and Ludacris standing arm-and-arm with one Jim Martin. "What's so bad 'bout those guys?" you ask. Well, here're some sample lyrics from Mr. Ludacris' tune "Move Bitch":

Move bitch, get out the way
Get out the way bitch, get out the way
Move bitch, get out the way
Get out the way bitch, get out the way

Oh no! The fight's out
I'ma 'bout to punch yo lights out
Get the fuck back, guard ya grill
There's somethin' wrong, we can't stay still
I've been drankin' and bustin' two
and I been thankin' of bustin' you
Upside ya motherfuckin' forehead
And if your friends jump in, "Ohhh gurrlll", they'll be mo' dead
Causin' confusion, disturbin tha peace
It's not an illusion, we runnin the streets
So bye-bye to all you groupies and golddiggers
Is there a bumper on your ass? No Nigga!
I'm doin' a hundred on the highway
So if you do the speed limit, get the fuck outta my way
I'm D.U.I., hardly ever caught sober
and you about to get ran the fuck over

The campaign staffer who talked Jim Martin into posing for the above pic should be banished from Georgia Democratic politics forever. If Jim Martin didn't need to be talked into posing for that pic, then he should be banished from Georgia Democratic politics forever.

My sources tell me that if Martin had been able to keep the run-off close (he really had no chance in hell of winning election to the U.S. Senate), he was going to run for governor in 2010. Since there ain't no way in hell that he's gonna be the next governor of Georgia, reckon Jim Martin can secure a gig as a member of a gansta rapper's posse?!

UPDATE: If Jim Martin - or any Democrat for that matter - is still thinking about running for GA governor in '10, he needs to consider this map:

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Must read

If you've not yet read Amity Shlaes The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression, which was recently released in paperback, you need to place it at the top of your to-read list. In it, Shlaes correctly posits - as Gary Dean Best did a decade ago in his seminal Pride Prejudice and Politics: Roosevelt Versus Recovery, 1933-38 - that FDR's New Deal make-work schemes and anti-corporate posturing actually helped to prolong the Great Depression.

The reason FDR and his Brain Trust were unable to jump-start the economy and put more Americans to work prior to the start of World War II was the fact that they' bought into the Keynesian notion that wealth is fixed and must be equitably-distributed by elected officials and bureaucrats. Go back and research the New Deal years and count the number of times members of the Roosevelt administration spoke of "economic growth" and "capital formation." Don't be surprised if you have to search for a long, long time.

Why is it important to mention this now? Precisely because President-elect Obama, cheered on by fools in Congress and naves in the Fourth Estate, is proposing FDR-style make-work programs, to get America out of its current economic funk. And just like the Brain Trusters of 75 years ago, tain't a single Obamaniac talking about wealth creation, or "growth," or capital formation, or anything of the like.

In today's Wall Street Journal, Amity Shlaes takes Obama throne-sniffer Paul Krugman to task for suggesting that Obama should take a look at what FDR did in the 1930s, and then seek to outspend him at every turn. To wit:

Paul Krugman of the New York Times has been on the attack lately in regard to the New Deal. His new book "The Return of Depression Economics," emphasizes the importance of New Deal-style spending. He has said the trouble with the New Deal was that it didn't spend enough.

He's also arguing that some writers and economists have been misrepresenting the 1930s to make the effect of FDR's overall policy look worse than it was. I'm interested in part because Mr. Krugman has mentioned me by name. He recently said that I am the one "whose misleading statistics have been widely disseminated on the right."

Amity Shlaes, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, explains to Dow Jones Newswires' Simon Constable why the New Deal didn't work in the 1930s and why Nobel laureate Paul Krugman is wrong to think a similar stimulus will work this time.

Mr. Krugman is a new Nobel Laureate, teaches at Princeton University and writes a column for a nationally prominent newspaper. So what he says is believed to be objective by many people, even when it isn't. But the larger reason we should care about the 1930s employment record is that the cure Roosevelt offered, the New Deal, is on everyone else's mind as well. In a recent "60 Minutes" interview, President-elect Barack Obama said, "keep in mind that 1932, 1933, the unemployment rate was 25%, inching up to 30%."

The New Deal is Mr. Obama's context for the giant infrastructure plan his new team is developing. If he proposes FDR-style recovery programs, then it is useful to establish whether those original programs actually brought recovery. The answer is, they didn't. New Deal spending provided jobs but did not get the country back to where it was before.

Read the rest here.

Monday, December 01, 2008


Breakin' news (Obama's agin' terrorism!)

Friday morning, MSNBC busted into its regular programming to issue this breaking news bulletin:

"Pres-elect Obama says Mumbai attacks show 'Grave and urgent threat of terrorism.'"

Democrats have spent the seven years since 9/11 denying that democracies across the globe face an existential threat from Islamic terrorism. Hell, it wasn't that long ago when one B. Hussein Obama said Iran -- the world's biggest state sponsor of terrorism, and the nation that provided training and funding to the terrorists who killed 241 Marines in Beirut in 1983 -- is a "tiny" country that doesn't "pose a serious threat" to the United States.

It looks like the events in Mumbai have been a revelation to Pres-elect B. Hussein. We can only hope. Indeed, if he institutes policies to deal with Islamic terrorists using the American military and the CIA, he will have my support. If he emulates Bill Clinton and lets his hack Attorney General and the Justice Department deal with domestic and international terrorism, Obama's gonna hear it from me ... and then some.

It's high time another Democrat besides Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller acknowledged the fact that a worldwide war against Islamic terrorism is currently being waged. I pray Obama's gonna be that Democrat; but I ain't holdin' my breath.


"Do Unto Obama ..."

I just now discovered the American Sentinel Web site. I have to say ... I like the way those guys think. To wit:

Bush hatred didn’t take very long to manifest itself. People went nuts screaming that Bush stole the election in an assault against democracy. It didn’t matter that the Palm Beach, Florida debacle occurred in a Democratic County under Democratic leadership, or that the same flawed ballot design had cost Republican Bob Dole 14,000 votes only four years earlier. No, it was because Bush was the devil. The outgoing Clinton administration trashed the White House to set the official Democratic tone regarding the incoming Bush administration.

Now, I’m not saying that Republican parents should indoctrinate their children at home to despise and hate Barack Obama (presumably, the public schools will continue to teach children to hate Republicans). Nor am I suggesting that the Bush administration demonstrate its loathing of the incoming Obama administration like the Clinton administration did.

But I AM saying that Republicans should realize that Democrats have set the bar for political discourse, and we would have to be world class limbo dancers in order to set the bar any lower than Democrats did in demonizing President Bush.

Democrats have been utterly vicious rabid political monsters for years. They destroyed Robert Bork in a campaign of unwarranted personal demonization to begin the war of the politics of personal destruction. And when Clarence Thomas’ appointment came up, they said, "We’re going to bork him. We’re going to kill him politically. . . . This little creep, where did he come from?" The Republican response to this shocking viciousness on the part of Democrats and liberals was to confirm the incredibly liberal (the General Counsel of the ACLU!) Clinton appointee Ruth Bader Ginsburg, citing that, whatever her perspective, she was qualified. Trusting a Democrat to return professional courtesy is like trusting a frothing-at-the-mouth rabid dog not to bite you. It just won’t happen. Quit hoping it will, and get with the program.

Barack Hussein Obama and his Democratic lackeys get to wear the bullseyes on their foreheads for the duration of the next election cycle. It is ALL on them now, and every single failure - and every single event that can be spun into the appearance of a failure - are ALL on them now. Does Obama lead us into a war for ANY reason? He’s a murdering warmonger. Doctor pictures of him with the blood of his victims and fangs like the ugly and evil monster he is! Does Obama NOT lead us into war for any reason? He’s an appeasing weakling who doesn’t have the will to protect us from tyrants. Will we see any kind of terrible national disaster? Then it’s "Obama drinks blood from human skulls!" Does the economy do anything other than spiral ever upward and upward? It’s a "failed Obama presidency" and “failed Democratic policies.” And - given the fact that yesterday marked the "biggest loss ever on the day after a presidential election," well, Obama is already "a failed President" faster than anyone’s ever been a failed President.

Don’t let a bunch of appallingly blatant hypocrites try to tell you that you owe Obama one more iota of respect than they gave to Bush. After what they’ve done, they don’t deserve to talk about graciousness, respect, what’s best for the country, or any of their other smarmy self-serving rhetoric.

It’s time to start burning down their houses and salting their fields. The Democrats have demonstrated the pathway to political success the past six years; let us follow the ashes to learn the example of the trail the Democrats blazed.

My contribution to the field-salting will begin with some anti-Obama bumper stickers that, hopefully, will be available here at The Nigh Seen Creeder in about two weeks. Stay tuned ...


Mark my words ...

To say that that Canada is a bastion of politically correct nitwittery is indeed an understatement. As much as I'd like to roll my eyes and chuckle at this, I fear it'll be just a matter of time before similar horse puckey rears its ugly head in ObamAmerica.

Check this out (and mark my words):

The Carleton University Students' Association has voted to drop a cystic fibrosis charity as the beneficiary of its annual Shinearama fundraiser, supporting a motion that argued the disease is not "inclusive" enough.

Cystic fibrosis "has been recently revealed to only affect white people, and primarily men" said the motion read Monday night to student councillors, who voted almost unanimously in favour of it.

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