Thursday, July 31, 2008


Picture(s) of the day

When you're a cow, you'll seek relief from late-July humidity any way you can. Even in an algae-filled pond:

I snapped these pics near the Davidson/Williamson County line 'bout, oh, 5:30 this afternoon.


ECON 101

Time to put on your thinkin' caps, boys and girls, 'cause it's time for Joltin' Django's latest ECON 101 lesson ...

I was watching the CBS Evening News earlier this week - yes, I'm a masochist - when I heard Katie Couric talk about the United States' "current recession." Ms. Couric ain't the only pundit who uses the R-word whenever the economy becomes a topic du jour. Read a paper, listen to a radio news report, or watch a national network newscast and all you'll hear is recession, recession, recession.

I've come to the learned and astute conclusion that practically no one in the mainstream media has the slightest idea about what "recession" means. If they did, they wouldn't bandy the term about in such a reckless fashion.

For the record, the economy is officially in a recession when it suffers two consecutive quarters of negative growth in GDP. I hate to break it to the Katie Couric and her unlearned ilk - and I'll but it in a language that she and they can easily understand (apologies to Malcolm X) - but we ain't in no recession. To wit:

"Increased exports, a slightly less grim housing picture and higher consumer spending all caused the U.S. economy to pick up speed in the second quarter ... the Commerce Department said today.

"The economy grew at a 1.9% annualized pace in the second quarter after rising at a downwardly revised 0.9% pace in the first three months of the year. ... Growth the second quarter is at the fastest pace since the third quarter of last year."

So, I've told you that the United States is not in a recession. Does that mean that I believe all is peachy-keen in the corps politique? Not by a damn sight.

There are a lot of things that need to be done to bring the United States out of its economic funk ... and that's just what's it's been, a funk. Making President Bush's tax cuts, which've resulted in record revenues pouring into the U.S. Treasury, permanent is a good start. Indexing capital-gains taxes for inflation, or eliminating them entirely (like in Commie-controlled Hong Kong), is an even better idea. I could go on and on with tried and true free-market ideas that could get the U.S. economy humming. What I can't do, sadly, is get the statists who're currently in control in the U.S. Congress to hitch-on to my ride.

You know, if we lived in a perfect country, any individual who wished to serve at the federal level would be forced to read - nay, read and fully comprehend - Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations, Jean Baptiste Say's A Treatise on Political Economy, Friedrich Hayek's The Road to Serfdom, Milton Friedman's A Monetary History of the United States, 1867-1960, and Thomas Sowell's Basic Economics and Applied Economics.

If politicians had to read the above-mentioned books, and apply what they'd read whilst governing, the United States would have to change the definition of recession from two quarters of negative growth to two quarters of sub-3 percent annualized growth. Think about that ...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


"B. Hussein ... is getting all crazy with gun-talk ..."

In an effort to prove that he actually has a pair, B. Hussein Obama is getting all crazy with gun-talk ...

"Presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama challenged his Republican opponent John McCain Wednesday to a ‘duel’ on taxes while touting his policies in a key swing state suffering from economic woes.

"'These anxieties seem to be growing with each passing day,' Obama told a crowd of over 1,500 inside a Springfield, Mo., high school gymnasium. 'We can either choose a new direction for our economy or we can keep doing what we’ve been doing. My opponent, John McCain, thinks we’re on the right track.

"'I’m ready to duel John McCain on taxes right here, quick draw.'"

I'd pay money -- BIG money -- to witness BO firing a weapon, whether it be a shotgun, revolver, 9mm, BB-gun, cap pistol, rubber band, etc. (I'll bet he'd rather eat a turd than ask - and you know he'd ask - for his wife's permission to fire anything that goes "BANG!")

If B. Hussein ever does decide to shoot a gun, I imagine his experience will go something like this:

If you can't see the clip, go here.


Commies ♥ B. Hussein Obama

Commies are all agog 'bout one B. Hussein Obama. Think I'm being bombastic? Check out this "news" from the Communist Party-USA's Web site:

"A great opportunity to build local organizing around the 2008 elections will be Aug. 28, when Obama accepts the Democratic nomination for President in an unprecedent setting – at a stadium in Denver, in front of 75,000 people.

"The Obama campaign is suggesting that people organize house parties or events at public venues with big screen tvs. Create your own house party here or find an event near you.

"Such events are already planned by our members and friends, in Boston at a Brazilian restaurant, in the Bronx at someone’s home, and in New Haven.

"The Communication Workers of America Executive Board is also asking all local leaders and staff to host or attend a house party – a local union or neighborhood get-together – that night. 'Besides watching the speech and sharing the enthusiasm for Obama's candidacy, CWAers can sign up neighbors and members for the Million Member Mobilization to support the Employee Free Choice Act, enlist volunteers for CWA's neighborhood walks and Labor 2008 campaign, and talk about how we'll win real health care reform and other goals.'"

Monday, July 28, 2008


God save the Electoral College

A Mr. Jim Halloran, from Redondo Beach, California, writes to the Wall Street Journal to uge the abolition of the Electoral College:

"It seems to me that a politician who gets 50.1% of the popular vote is still going to win the Electoral College vote in a national popular vote scenario.

"I am in favor of getting rid of the Electoral College, and believe that the benefits of such a change far outweigh the drawbacks."

Mr. Halloran needs - oh, how he needs - to read somethin' I wrote 'bout the Electoral College several, many months ago. And this is it:

Far from being archaic, the electoral college is a crucial part of our Republic's machinery for combining democracy with constitutionalism and the rule of law. Indeed, as the Claremont Institute's Charles Kesler opined during the 2000 election imbroglio, "[The electoral college] ensures that the president will be chosen not by a plebiscitary majority but by a constitutional one, distributed by states and moderated by the need to accommodate a variety of interests and viewpoints."

Liberal bellyaching about the electoral college didn't start until it, well, worked. As you may recall, in the months leading up to the 2000 presidential election, many pundits were predicting that George W. Bush would win the popular vote and Al Gore would prevail in the electoral count. When the exact opposite occurred (we all know the story by now), Hillary Clinton, Jesse Jackson, Jr., and other lefties began calling for the abolition of the electoral college. We were then treated to months of liberal bellyaching about how democracy had been subverted and such. Far from being subverted, our nation's particular brand of democracy had worked just as the founders had envisioned.

To appreciate the electoral college's relevancy - nay, necessity - in these modern times, one need only examine a county-by-county map from the 2000 election. The famous red/blue map reveals a sea of Bush-red counties, while Al Gore's support is concentrated in a select number of large metropolitan areas. The electoral college ensured in 2000 - and again in 2004 - that the overwhelmingly liberal voters who live in and around Boston, New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angles, and San Francisco did not trump red-state America's interests. Hertzberg says eliminating the electoral college will ensure "truly national" elections. But is an election in which a president is more or less chosen by the folks living in a half-dozen or so cities really a "national" election?

Finally, I often recommend Dr. George Grant's The Importance of the Electoral College to those who express interest in the subject. Methinks Hendrik Hertzberg needs to pick up a copy as well. Here are two of my favorite passages:

“Direct popular election of the president was rejected by the Framers because it failed to protect the states from the intrusion of massed centralized forces. They reasoned that a pure democracy was more easily corrupted than a federal republic. It would essentially eliminate state borders and state prerogative, and whenever more centralized government directly governs the people, they thought that there was likely to be more opportunity for corruption. And electing the president by the Legislative or Judicial branches would violate the separation of powers. Thus, the federal solution was to elect the president by a balanced representation of the States and the people. Electors, independent from either the states or the national government, were elected in accordance with standards established by the State legislatures, and the electors then elected the president. This federal approach carefully avoided direct dependency upon either the states or the people, but kept both represented in the process. Giving each State the number of electors as they have representatives in Congress was also in harmony with this balance.”

Grant explains further: “The federal nature of the American Constitutional covenant enables the nation to function as a republic - thus specifically avoiding the dangers of a pure democracy. Republics exercise governmental authority through mediating representatives under the rule of law. Pure democracies on the other hand exercise governmental authority through the imposition of the will of the majority without regard for the concerns of any minority - thus allowing law to be subject to the whims, fashions, and fancies of men. The Founders designed federal system of the United States so that the nation could be, as John Adams described it, a ‘government of law, not of men.'"


"And YOU thought you had it bad ..."

Here's some déjà vu, all over again ...

Remember when I suggested that Creeder Readers should get on their knees and thank God 'cause they're not living in Rhodesia, er, Zimbabwe? No? Well, then, check this out:

"Zimbabwe, grappling with a record 2.2 million percent inflation, has introduced a new 100-billion-dollar bank note in a bid to tackle rampant cash shortages, the central bank said Saturday.

"The new note will go into circulation on Monday, the bank said in a statement cited by state media, joining about half a dozen new high denomination notes already issued this year.

"In January, a 10-million-dollar note was issued, then a 50-million-dollar note in April. In May, notes for 100 million and 250 million dollars were issued, swiftly followed by those for five billion, 25 billion and 50 billion.

"The southern African nation, currently gripped by a post-election crisis, has been ravaged by hyperinflation which shot up from 165,000 percent in February to 2.2 million in June. ...

"Zimbabwe's chronic economic crisis has left at least 80 percent of the population living below the poverty threshold and mass shortages of basic goods in shops."

And YOU thought you had it bad 'cause you've been paying four bucks for gas and 3 bucks for a loaf of bread. Tsk, tsk.

(If'n you want to learn more about inflation and deflation, and monetary policy in general, get to your local library and borrow Milton Friedman's Money Mischief. You'll be glad you did.)


"Some of my best friends like ethnic food ...!"

This is old news, I know, but I simply must opine ...

Next time your little leg-hugger turns his or her nose up at a taco, or a crêpe, or a pile of sticky rice, or some baba ghanouj, be prepared to sic Jesse Jackson on their ass(es) 'cause, according to learned souls in the United Kingdom, you may have a Junior James Earl Ray on your hands. To wit:

"The National Children's Bureau, which receives £12 million a year, mainly from Government funded organisations, has issued guidance to play leaders and nursery teachers advising them to be alert for racist incidents among youngsters in their care.

"This could include a child of as young as three who says 'yuk' in response to being served unfamiliar foreign food.

"The guidance by the NCB is designed to draw attention to potentially-racist attitudes in youngsters from a young age.

It alerts playgroup leaders that even babies can not be ignored in the drive to root out prejudice as they can 'recognise different people in their lives.'

"The 366-page guide for staff in charge of pre-school children, called Young Children and Racial Justice, warns: 'Racist incidents among children in early years settings tend to be around name-calling, casual thoughtless comments and peer group relationships.' ...

"The guide goes on to warn that children might also "react negatively to a culinary tradition other than their own by saying 'yuk.'"

You may laugh at such über-PC nitwittery taking place across the Pond; however, in your heart of hearts, you must KNOW that it's just a matter of time before we Yanks are subjected with such.

Reckon "racist" food will ever be discovered in the United States. If it does, I'm betting that the first ville in which it'll rear its ugly head will be in Dearborn, Michigan. Wanna give me odds ...?!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Picture of the day

Pic taken in Humphreys County yesterday:

Reckon these folks had any cucumbors, or skwash, for sale alongside their tomates?!


"Crying" one day, "yelling" the next

Reality TV "star" Brooke Hogan recently disclosed her opinion on a woman's ability to handle being President of the United States:

"Like, I'm so moody all the time, I know I couldn't be able to run a country, 'cause I'd be crying one day and yelling at people the next day, y'know?"

Ms. Hogan has caught a lot of hell for that quote. But wasn't she pretty much describing what we could've expected with Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office?

Friday, July 25, 2008


Problèmes d'ordinateur

'Bout 11 p.m. Tuesday night, I went and done something stupid. I tried to add an interactive banner - 'bout politics, naturally - and I royally screwed up the HTML on The Nigh Seen Creeder. I finally was able to fix it this evening -- after about 4 hours spent looking at a dozen HTML how-to Web sites.

I'm going to be out of town tomorrow, but I hope to have some new stuff tomorrow night. Stay tuned.

P.S. I will be publishing an exciting post on my foodie blog, A Man's Gotta Eat, tomorrow night. Be sure to check it out.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Pro-choice for me, but not for thee

Ask a dyed-in-the-wool liberal if he or she is pro-choice and you'll get a hearty "Hell yeah!" But how far across the public policy spectrum does that pro-choice, ahem, conviction extend. Not very far, I assure you.

Liberals like to prattle, piss and moan about how pregnant women have an inherent "right" to choose to terminate an unwanted pregnancy; however, they don't seem to be so enthusiastically pro-choice when it comes to school choice, health-care choice, and Social Security choice. Furthermore, liberals enthusiastically support restrictions on what people eat, drink, smoke, dip/chew, and drive ... as well as restrictions on light bulb choice, bonfire choice, vocabulary choice, and metaphor choice. I could go on and on and on.

Keeping all that in mind, I guess I shouldn't really be surprised when I read stories like this:

"Jan Perry, a Los Angeles city-council member, is spearheading legislation that would ban new fast-food restaurants like McDonald's and KFC from opening in a 32-square-mile chunk of the city, including her district. ...

"While some cities have bans on new fast-food establishments, they typically are for aesthetic reasons or to protect local businesses. Ms. Perry's initiative seems to be a rare instance in which a major city brings health issues into restaurant zoning. The fast-food ban would last a year, although Ms. Perry hopes to make it permanent. ...

"With the ordinance, Los Angeles is tapping into a tougher attitude toward fast food that is emerging at city halls around the country. Cities have begun banning ingredients, regulating menu information and now dictating whether restaurants are healthy enough to open in their communities. Advocates say the measures are crucial in the fight against obesity, diabetes and other diseases and health conditions. Foes say the rules go too far, violating important freedoms."

I've never heard-tell of anyone being forced to eat

UPDATE: The last two paragraphs of this post were lost when I had my little HTML accident (see above). I don't remember exactly what I said, so I'm just going to leave the post be for the time being. Give me a couple of days and I'll finish my thought ... most likely in a new post.


San Fran is San Full of San F***ckin' Fools

If this don't make you mad, well, you are an idiot ...

"The man charged with killing a father and two sons on a San Francisco street last month was one of the youths who benefited from the city’s long-standing practice of shielding illegal immigrant juveniles who committed felonies from possible deportation, The Chronicle has learned.

"Edwin Ramos, now 21, is being held on three counts of murder in the June 22 deaths of Tony Bologna, 48, and his sons Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16. They were shot near their home in the Excelsior district when Tony Bologna, driving home from a family picnic, briefly blocked the gunman’s car from completing a left turn down a narrow street, police say.

"Ramos, a native of El Salvador whom prosecutors say is a member of a violent street gang, was found guilty of two felonies as a juvenile - a gang-related assault on a Muni passenger and the attempted robbery of a pregnant woman - according to authorities familiar with his background."

If tomorrow a genie offers me three wishes, my first wish will be to saw San Francisco from the state of California and allow it to float (with Nancy Pelosi aboard, of course) until it rams into Communist China.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Django's bad weekend

I don't like to mix polics and food, but loyal Creeder Readers - especially those who live in and 'round Nashville, and who frequent Mexican restaurants - need to check this out:

Friday night, I ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant in South Nashville. I've never been too crazy about the restaurant in question -- I'll call it Pas Llama's -- and I didn't want to go there on Friday. Since I wasn't paying, I didn't say anything. I rode to Pas Llama's with my mouth shut.

Pas Llama's is pretty popular 'mongst Nashvillians. Proof: I count 8 locations in and just outside of the city ... each of which has a crowd for lunch each weekday, as well as a crowd each Friday and Saturday night. But just because a lot of folks in Nashville like a place don't mean it's good. I mean, Whitt's BBQ has a dozen restaurants across Music City and has won awards and caters hundreds of 100-plus-people events each year. Whitt's also serves the stringiest, driest smoked pork shoulder I've ever eaten.

Like I said, I've never been a big Pas Llama's fan, mainly 'cause of this: three-quarters of the items on the Pas Llama's menu come slathered in cheap cheese and out-of-the-can red sauce. (A few menu items come slathered in out-of-the-can green sauce, but they're equally as bland as their red cousins.) With that said, I think you have a pretty good idea of why I didn't want to go to Pas Llama's on Friday.

Read the rest here.


"[O]ur celebrity bastard-child culture is having an adverse impact on the culture-at-large ..."

Today's Tennessean features an article in which "experts" are shocked that our celebrity bastard-child culture is having an adverse impact on the culture-at-large:

"Many teen pregnancies still take place against a backdrop of economic distress or a search for love, experts say — that's been the case for years.

"But counselors say they now are also concerned about a combination of factors that may make it easier for teens to become sexually active without fully understanding the potential consequences: Glamour shots of pregnant celebs are featured in magazines and on TV alongside increasingly sexualized fashions and images of younger girls.

"Nationwide, the teen birth rate rose 3 percent from 2005 to 2006, the most recent year with data available, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That was the first increase recorded since 1991."

Reading that, I couldn't help but think back to something I wrote on 7 June 2003. Please to enjoy this portion of a post I published back in the day on a now-defunct Web site:

Anti-tobacco zealots are all head-up over the fact that Nicole Kidman dared light-up at a Cannes Film Festival news conference. Action on Smoking and Health (?!) chief executive Anne Jones said Kidman was "perpetuating the image that smoking is associated with glamour, independence, and success." Thus, Kidman is a bad role model for our yout's.

If Ms. Kidman had dragged a bastard child to the news conference, what would have happened? The answer, of course, is ... nothing would have happened. You see, clouding one's lungs with cigarette smoke is an affront to society; but purposefully bringing out-of-wedlock children into the world is to be celebrated as a "lifestyle choice."

Dozens of academic studies have told us that a child who's born into a single-parent household will more often than not spend the rest of his or her life in abject or near-poverty. But we never hear anyone in Hollywood express concern about kids born into single-parent families. Instead, single-motherhood is celebrated (especially if the single-mother's child was created on purpose); and anyone who dares suggest that having bastard children is not such a good idea (see Quayle, J. Danforth) is maligned as being hopelessly "out of touch."

I, for one, think society has its priorites all wrong. If we're going to criticize someone for promoting a habit that will cause the influenced, if you will, health problems in 20 or 30 years, then shouldn't we criticize folks who promote a "lifestyle choice" that has immediate - negative - consequences for not one, but two people? You bet we we should ... political correctness be damned.

If smoking the occasional cigarette is the worst activity in which Ms. Nicole Kidman indulges, then I say leave her alone.


Al Gore is a big, fat hypocrite (literally)

Al Gore might be the biggest hypocrite - literally - on the planet. He preaches sacrifice and austerity, yet he lives in a mansion that burns electricity at a fever clip, and he travels the globe in private jets and fleets of SUVs. Oh, and then there's stuff like this:

"We’re back from Al Gore’s big global warming speech, and boy did we have a great time!

"We had a dedicated band of taxpayer advocates out in force, pointing out the high economic cost of global warming alarmism - starting with $8-a-gallon gasoline.

"Of course, we saw plenty of hypocrisy—especially the fact that Gore didn’t ride his bike or take public transporation to the event.

"He didn’t even take his Prius! Instead, he brought a fleet of two Lincoln Town Cars and a Chevy Suburban SUV! Even worse, the driver of the Town Car that eventually whisked away Gore’s wife and daughter left the engine idling and the AC cranking for 20 minutes before they finally left!"

Here's the video:

Friday, July 18, 2008


Picture of the day

Pic taken near the Davidson County/Williamson County (TN) line this afternoon:

I hunted doves on this property 'bout ten years ago ... or should I say, "I hunted duvs on this property 'bout ten years ago"?!


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!

On July 2, B. Hussein Obama gave a speech in Colorado. In the course of his speech, which is just now being heavily scrutinized (kudos, mainstream media!), Obama said this:

We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.

What the **** does that mean? What would a well-funded civilian national security force even do to advance U.S. interests around the globe? Write letters to tinpot dictators to implore them to behave? Organize worldwide choruses of "Kumbaya" or John Lennon's "Imagine" (which, according to Lennon, is "virtually the Communist Manifesto")?

When it comes to the prospect of an Obama presidency, I'm afraid ... I'm very afraid.


Chutzpah, indeed

You know, a Democrat who complains about Republicans being beholden to special interests is kinda like a monkey complaining that apes throw poo ...

"Barack Obama is given to calling the GOP a party captive of hateful special interests.

"It takes a lot of what my Jewish friends call 'chutzpah' to suggest that unnamed special interests control the Republican Party when his own party is totally captive to the most wealthy and powerful special interests in the nation.

"Obama and the national Democratic Party is owned lock, stock and barrel by the teachers' unions, the bosses of big labor, cash-heavy, tree-hugging environmental groups, and Planned Parenthood and its allies in the sleazy abortion industry.

"And boy, do Obama and his fellow Democrats dance to their tunes! When they say 'waltz,' in a second he's out there on the political stage whirling obediently to their three-step beat."

Read the rest here.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Cartoon of the day

B. Hussein Obama is a flip-flopping, modern-day Janus. Just like the cartoon says ...


PC is gonna kill US

Creeder Reader Drew sends us this ridiculous story:

"A county commissioners' meeting this week over traffic tickets turned into a tense discussion over race when one commissioner said the county's collections office was like a certain astronomical phenomenon.

"'It sounds like Central Collections has become a black hole,' Commissioner Kenneth Mayfield, who is white, said during the Monday meeting.

"One black official demanded an apology, and Commissioner John Wiley Price, who also is black, said that type of language is unacceptable.

"At the meeting, Mayfield said he intended his comments to be taken in the context of the scientific meaning, and became upset that he was being misunderstood.

"In astronomy, the term black hole refers to a star that has collapsed upon itself, creating something so dense and small that it does not have any physical properties besides a gravitational force so great that even light cannot escape its pull.

"Later, Price told that he believed it and other terms were racist." [Emphasis mine]

I bet Mr. Price would like it if folks stopped calling a particular grade of beef "Black Angus" beef. I mean, doesn't Black Angus sound like a character from Amos & Andy?

You know, we laugh when we read or see stories in which hyper-sensitive/pro-PC types piss and moan and try to cause trouble. But hyper-sensitive/pro-PC types are pissing and moaning and causing trouble with ever-increasing frequency. And it's no longer a laughing matter. These shipdits are changing our culture ... and not for the better.

If we were living in a perfect world, an office-holder who suggested that a black hole/wasteful-spending analogy was an exercise in racism should, at the very least, be ridiculed, marginalized, and kicked out of office. But such ain't happening. The guy in question hasn't been marginalized, at all; indeed, he's receiving sympathetic attention for "exposing" racism where no racism exists. (I can't help but try to physically roll my eyes 180 degrees whilst thinking about it.)

The Jeffersons has always been one of my favorite television programs. I often mimic George Jefferson's chest out/arms swinging walk at home, at work, and (when I've had a few) out in public. I'm just waiting for the day when someone sees my GJ impression and accuses me of fomenting racial hostility. It won't happen tomorrow, next week, or next month, but I can envision a U.S.A. in which a plain-lookin' white guy gets fired, locked up, or sentenced to wear a dress with a big "R" on it for mimicking a black entertainer whom he greatly admires.

Scoff if you must, but such a day is coming ...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


"Believe" this, Barry

Mr. Jimmy sends a link to this Web site at which you can make your very own Obama/"We Believe" poster. Here're a couple I've made:

Monday, July 14, 2008


Bad news for Barry

B. Hussein Obama's supporters have worked tirelessly to present their chosen candidate as some kind of Chosen One. B. Hussein, aka Barry, himself has decided that he wants to be a big-eared Billy Graham, in hopes that Middle America will fall for his ruse and electorally anoint him the Savior of America this November.

What with the collective sour mood in America right now, B. Hussein "Barry" Obama should be dusting John McCain in the polls. Tain't happening. This news should scare the bejeebers out of the eggheads, environuts, and never-took-Econ-101ers who make up the Obama coalition:

"A new Newsweek poll shows that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama leads Republican rival John McCain by just 3 percentage points, a statistical dead heat -- and a sharp drop from the 15-point lead Obama held in June."

If John McCain has a sensible bone in his body, he will resist his natural urge to "reach out" and "get along," and he will allow the Republican National Committee's Heirs o' Atwater to dig up dirt on Obama like a Hoover vacuum. From the dug-up dirt -- and from Obama's far-left voting record -- a thousand hard-hitting negative ads can be launched. And that will be the Annointed One's undoing.

President Obama. The very prospect of such should send chills down the spine of anyone who doesn't want a return to Carter-era tax rates, or a judiciary controlled by the denizens at People for the American Way.

President Obama. Jesus ... thinking 'bout that makes my nether region clinch, real hard.


There are a lot of dumbasses in Tennessee ...

There are a lot of dumbasses running around the state of Tennessee. One of 'em, a Mr. Bob Tuke, is running for the U.S. Senate. According to Tuke, if you want to blame someone for $4-a-gallon gas, blame Senator Lamar Alexander. Check out his yard sign (which, by the way, was illegally placed near an Interstate exit in South Nashville):

If I were standing face to face with Bob Tuke, I'd set him right straight about why gas prices are high. (I might even kick him in the nuts during the tutorial so's it would remained seared in his pea-sized brain.) This is what I'd tell him:

Gas prices are high because oil prices are high. And why are oil prices high? Tight global supplies, growing global demand, and a weak U.S. dollar.

Until oil prices went through the roof, Democrats like Tuke said nary a critical word 'bout the weak dollar (because a weak dollar makes U.S. exports cheaper). Is he now trying to blame Senator Alexander for America's weak currency? If so, has he forgotten that monetary policy is the purview of the U.S. Federal Reserve, not the U.S. Senate?

That said, does Tuke believe that Sen. Alexander is somehow responsible for the growing global demand for more crude oil? Does Tuke have recorded phone calls in which Alexander told the Chinese and Indians to "BUY MORE OIL!" ...?! Tuke's attempt to tie Lamar Alexander to the global increase in oil prices is nothing more than a pathetic political stunt. Pretty sad, if you ask me.

I've been following - and occasionally participating in - politics in Tennessee for some 15 years. During that time, I've come to this important conclusion: the only candidates who place yard signs along public highways (instead of in yards) are candidates who don't have a snowball's chance of being elected to anything. You know, like Bob Tuke.

Saturday, July 12, 2008



Regular Creeder Readers will recall that I supported Mitt Romney during the 2008 GOP presidential primaries. I even did some work for the Romney campaign. My heart warms a bit when I see stories like this:

"The buzz surrounding Mitt Romney, a Michigan son and former Massachusetts governor, is all about the Republican presidential ticket and whether he lands on it as the party's vice presidential candidate.

"Bloggers and political pundits have been speculating for weeks that Romney is at the top of a short list of Republicans who can give presumptive Republican nominee John McCain what he needs to win the White House: business, organizational and government experience -- as well as deep roots in Michigan, a state with 17 electoral votes that is shaping up as a key battleground in 2008."

As much as I admire Mitt, I just don't think he should be John McCain's VP pick. McCain doesn't need a "favorite son" to win the state of Michigan; he just needs run ad after ad in which he hammers Democratic Governor Granholm, and her allies in the Democrat-led legislature, for knocking her state's economic dick soundly in the dirt (pardon mon français).

If I had to put money on it today, I'd bet that B. Hussein Obama will pick Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano to be his running mate. Picking her will not only bring Hillary Rodham (Clinton)'s supporters fully into the fold, it will put John McCain's home state into electoral college-play. I don't think it's possible for McCain to lose his home state à la Al "Big Daddy" Gore in 2000; however, an Obama-Napolitano ticket could force McCain to spend money in his home state when he will definitely need that money in swing-states like Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, etc.

I don't want McCain to play the diversity card. But if he picks a white guy who's only a few years his junior, well, his campaign will be virtually ignored by the mainstream media -- which will do its level-best to protect an Obama-female/minority ticket, even if said ticket were to give an uplifting speech before a gathering of the Communist Party-USA.

I've already given my endorsement to Lousiana Governor Bobby Jindal for our nation's next Vice President. I did so not because of the color of his skin (he's the son of Indian immigrants), but because he is the most Reagan-like governor serving in America as we speak. So there.

Here's my 2-9 list of the folks I think John McCain should choose as VP:

2. Rep. Mike Pence (IN)
3. Gov. Jim DeMint (SC)
4. Gov. Sarah Palin (Alaska)
5. Former-Rep. J.C. Watts (OK)
6. Rep. Michele Bachmann (MN)
7. Sen. Tom Coburn (OK)
8. Rep. Steve Chabot (OH)
9. Rep. Steve King (IA)
10. Sen. James Inhofe (OK)

Friday, July 11, 2008


Look before you ... er, get Spirit-filled

There is no shortage of individuals in this country who run to the courts to seek recompense for their own carelessness. Like this guy:

"A Sevier County man is suing his former church in South Knoxville, after he claims he was overcome by the spirit, fell backward and hit his head.

"Matt Lincoln, 57, says pastors at Lakewind Church should have made sure someone caught him.

"His attorney is asking for $2.5 million to cover medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering.

"'I just closed my eyes. I was just asking God, I wanted to have a real experience. It's like you faint. It's almost like you pass out,' Lincoln says.

"He also says that wasn't unusual.

"'I've fallen out in the spirit before, but have always been caught,' Lincoln says. 'I always trusted that the catchers would be there because they always were.'"

Call me cynical, but if Mr. Lincoln truly wanted to assign blame to someone, shouldn't he be suing the Holy Spirit?

Nowhere in Lincoln's complaint does it state that anyone in Lakewind Church instructed/encouraged him to close his eyes and fall backward. Thus, his primary beef should be with the right hand of God. N'est-ce pas?

That said, perhaps Lincoln did truly expect to be caught when he fell out "in the spirit." But what if every member of the congregation had been spirit-filled during the church service in question? Did Lincoln expect the church to have on-hand staff to break the fall of each and every person who fell-out? If he did indeed expect such, common sense should've told him - after a quick glance around the sanctuary - that tweren't enough folks on hand to catch him and his fellow church-goers.

Methinks Mike Lincoln should've taken a gander behind him before he put down his full-o'-the-Holy Spirit head down. That's what the Good Lord woulda done ... I'm sure.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


The Minnesoter U.S. Senate Circus is about to get its second clown

Minnesota already has one "celebrity" running for U.S. Senate, i.e, professional liar and former-cokehead Al Franken, and it may just get another:

"Former Governor Jesse 'The Body' Ventura, the one-time wrestler, movie actor and improbable chief executive of Minnesota, strongly hinted at a run against Republican Senator Norm Coleman in November in a weekend interview with National Public Radio, adding another wrinkle to one of the most contentious Senate contests in the country."

This is what I like to hear:

"Ventura's entry into the race would seriously hurt Franken's efforts to win the seat back for Democrats. By splitting the anti-Coleman vote, Ventura could help re-elect the Republican. Franken has already had a terrible few months politically, with revelations about a Playboy article he'd written in 2000, back taxes due in 17 states and late filings from his political action committee. The addition of Ventura to the race could end up being the nail in Franken's political coffin."

In case you didn't know, Jesse Ventura has a new book on the market: Don't Start The Revolution Without Me!. (Reckon the rough-drafts were penned in crayon?!) I got it from my local lending-library, and I was only able to make it through the first 30 pages. After reading those craptacular 30 pages, I estimated that it would take me about 2 hours to read the whole book. I then said to myself: "I ain't wasting 2 hours of my precious time - 2 hours that I'll never be able to get back - reading this ****." So I put the book down, and I watched the Criterion Collection's The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou DVD. What a great choice I made ...


'Bout oil (update)

Well, well, well. Let's hope B. Hussein Obama is paying attention to this (HT:

"'There's clearly a dramatic shift across the ideological divide in America in favor of producing more energy here at home,' Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters.

"'I can't imagine that the majority (Democrats in Congress) is going to ignore that indefinitely,' McConnell added.

"He cited a poll released on July 1 by the Pew Research Center that found that 45 percent of respondents who identify themselves as 'liberals' said they favor expanded energy exploration, mining, drilling, building more power plants. In February, the figure was just 22 percent."

And this:

"A top U.S. Democratic senator said in a newspaper interview published Wednesday that he would consider supporting opening up new areas for offshore oil and gas drilling.

"'I'm open to drilling and responsible production,' Senate Majority Whip Richard Durbin told The Wall Street Journal, adding that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid could also support the move."

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


'Bout oil

As is my usual nightly wont, I perused several of's finance message boards ce soir. Someone named "MackT" was opining on why oil prices are so high, and he posted the following passage - without attribution - to buttress his claim that simple supply-and-demand forces are at work:

"U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, billionaire investor Warren Buffett and the oil-rich kingdom of Saudi Arabia all insist that free-market forces are at work [vis-à-vis oil prices]. They cite the Economics 101 concept of supply and demand as the main reason a barrel of oil has surged above $140, up nearly 50% in 2008.

"Phil Flynn, senior market analyst at Alaron Trading, sums up his thesis best: 'You can argue that the economic fundamentals for oil are as strong as they have ever been in mankind's history.' He cites robust demand from emerging economies around the world, a growing belief that future oil supplies will be tight, and the ability of foreigners to buy oil cheaply because of the steep drop in the value of the U.S. dollar."

I've now learned that MackT's referenced passage came from a recent USA Today article. Tain't nothing in that passage with which I disagree. Indeed, I've been saying basically the same time for the past, oh, 13 months.

Politicians - Democrats, mostly - can piss and moan about "big oil," "speculators," and President George W. Bush all they want, but they cannot change the fact -- the simple Economics 101 fact -- that the only way to bring down the price of oil is to increase supply. Period.

There are a few ways to increase the supply of oil on the world market: convince the OPEC cartel to increase production (ain't gonna happen); try to pretty-please China and India to throw cold water on their blistering economies (ain't gonna happen); or increase domestic production of oil.

There's only one presidential candidate who's advocating policies to increase the domestic production of oil ... and his name ain't B. Hussein Obama. If John McCain is smart, he will press, push, and shove the increase-supply-now up B. Hussein Obama's ass - from now until November. With all of the issues that are of concern to discerning voters these days, none hits closer to home than the high price of gas. If McCain plays his cards right, his "I have a plan," as opposed to B. Hussein's "I have a pipe dream" plan, could guarantee him at least a 48-month stay at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Monday, July 07, 2008


I'm for Bobby

The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that John McCain should put Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal on his presidential ticket. Not only is Jindal young and very smart, he has a most interesting "American Dream" background -- he's the son of Indian immigrants.

That said, what I find most appealing about Bobby Jindal is the fact that his views, opinions, voting record, and executive directives peg him as the most Reagan-like political figure on the current political scene.

Don't believe me? Check out the following op-ed from former-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, and then go and tell me why Gov. Bobby shouldn't be our nation's next VP:

Governor Jindal is leading a revolution of conservative reform in Louisiana. He is the most transformational young governor in America today. The principles that motivate his Louisiana Revolution are the same pro-innovation, pro-competition, anti-bureaucracy and anti- big government principles that I urge each week in this newsletter - the same principles that are so desperately needed in Washington, D.C.

For those of you who don't yet know him, I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to Governor Bobby Jindal. And for those of you already familiar with this rising reformer, read on. You may just learn one more reason why Bobby Jindal is a reformer to watch, regardless of whether or not he gets a spot on the 2008 presidential ticket.

In Six Months, Jindal Has Accomplished More Than Most Do In a Lifetime
The first thing to know about Governor Jindal is that he has been in office as governor for just six months.

Six months.

And in just six months he's accomplished more than most elected officials accomplish in a lifetime.

Governor Jindal has built his impressive record of conservative reform through an innovative, aggressive leadership that should be required learning for officials in Washington, D.C.

He didn't wait for the Democratic controlled Louisiana legislature to come to him. He went to it, calling two historic special sessions before the regular session of the legislature even had a chance to begin.

In the first special session back in March, Governor Jindal began his reform agenda where it had to begin: fixing the culture of corruption and cronyism that has long dominated Louisiana politics and damaged Louisiana's economy.

The ethics reforms won by Governor Jindal catapulted Louisiana from a state with one of the lowest rankings to among the states with the highest ethics standards.

Thanks to Bobby Jindal, today Louisiana ranks as the number one state in financial disclosure requirements of its elected officials. And this new transparency and accountability in government is having real world results.

New financial disclosure requirements for public officials that went into effect last week have prompted mass resignations from state boards and commissions.

Said one Louisiana voter: "I don't know about anyone else, but I'm kinda liking the fact that this is resulting in 'out with the old and in with the new.' ... A new day Louisiana, a new day!"

Jindal's Louisiana: A Place to Work, Invest and Raise a Family
In yet another special session of the legislature and the regular session which ended just last week, Governor Jindal has built a spectacularly impressive record of accomplishment for the people of Louisiana.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

Six Major Tax Cuts worth more than $500 million, including eliminating taxes on business and capital investment and the largest personal tax cut in the history of the state - a $300 million reduction in personal income taxes, worth up to $500 for an individual and $1,000 for a family.

Governor Jindal brought about a Transformation of Job Creation and Retraining. He completely eliminated the Department of Labor and passed a guarantee for employers that Louisiana educational institutions will train its workforce to meet their needs, and if they fail, they will retrain workers for free.

He created $10 million in Opportunity Scholarships so 1,500 poor children in New Orleans can escape failing public schools.

Jindal led the passage of The Health Care Consumers Right to Know Act, creating transparency of cost and quality for the first time in Louisiana's health care system.

Bobby Jindal expanded the number of charter schools in Louisiana from 42 to 100.

He passed legislation cracking down on child molesters and also passed a resolution calling for the creation of involuntary civil commitment of sexually violent predators to keep them confined for treatment after they complete their prison terms.

Louisiana's Third Bond Rating Boost in a Week

All this, and Governor Bobby Jindal is just getting started. Just last week he vetoed $9 million dollars in pet projects and pork barrel spending in the legislature's budget - another area in which this 37-year-old governor is showing the way to Washington.

Not coincidentally, Jindal also announced that for the third time last week, Louisiana's bond rating had been raised by a major credit rating agency.

The Governor was also in the news because he vetoed a bill that the legislature passed doubling members' current salary and guaranteeing future pay raises. Jindal had previously said he wouldn't oppose the pay hike, but he came to the conclusion that it was incompatible with his reform agenda.

His earlier comments, the Governor admits, were a "mistake," one that he chose to correct by vetoing the bill. And Jindal's correction has cemented his reputation as a principled conservative reformer.

Here's how one would-be opponent of Jindal's put it:

Dear Governor Jindal: I wanted to leave you a quick note that I plan to withdraw my recall petition effective tomorrow (July 03, 2008). I filed the recall petition about an hour before you announced your veto. After researching your record, your goals, and your vision for Louisiana, the only conclusion I could come to is that the world needs more Bobby Jindals.

"The world needs more Bobby Jindals." I couldn't agree more.

Friday, July 04, 2008


Happy Independence Day!

Please to enjoy this picture of Marla Maples, who's 44-years-old (and who was once Mrs. Donald Trump), waving Old Glory:

All I can say is: WOW!

See you on Monday.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Nutbuckets get shook from the trees

For over a year, a ragtag group of hippies and left-wing nutbuckets "occupied" a small grove of oak trees near the UC-Berkeley campus (go figure), in an attempt to prevent the university from building an athletic facility on the site.

Last month, June 17 to be exact, UC-Berkely officials decided to evict the occupying folks, many of whom had taken to living on the property. Of course, mayhem ensued; and the guy who runs the Zomblog was, thank God, was on hand to capture the scene. Check this out (pics and captions courtesy of

Predictably, some communists showed up and stationed themselves at the front, occasionally taunting the police in Spanish. Note the hard-hats the cops are wearing — they were forced to put them on because earlier in the day the tree-sitters were pelting the police with human feces and bits of garbage.

At one point, a college-age girl decided to lie down in the street. ... I went over and asked her, "Are you trying to start a die-in, or just sunbathing in the street?" She replied, "I feel it’s important to be in touch with the ground at this time. Perhaps someone will bring me some food."

This picture elicited the following commentary from John Lee Pedimore:

"Mother Nature burns thousands of acres of trees every year in forest fires and has since the beginning of time. Mother nature has destroyed more wildlife habitat than any humans ever have. But you’ll never see a shirt that says 'F*** Mother Nature.'

"The sign is interesting. The 'A' means anarchy but the 3 slashes may actually mean Hank Williams III. He’s a big hit with the punk scene."

I totally agree with JLP's Mother Nature, er, rumination; but I don't think his three-slashes-means-Hank III theory holds much weight.

I know Hank III. Hell, I knew him when he went by "Shelton." He ain't popular enough in any part of the country to be known and/or identified by three slashes on a piece of pavement.


White on white abuse is just t'rible

One of these days, and it ain't gonna be too far in the future, political correctness and über-fidelity to multiculturalism is going to be the death of Western Europe. Stories like this provide proof for my theory:

"A white man has been prosecuted for racially abusing three white security guards.

"Jonathan Wicks was taken to court for calling the men 'honky wannabe cops.'

"Wicks, 20, has had to attend court at least five times, at an estimated cost to the taxpayer of more than £5,000."

The obvious question is this: How is it possible to "racially abuse" a member of your own race? If I'm a five-footer and I call another five-footer "shorty," can I be tarteted for height-abuse? Or, if I have a huge schnoz and I call someone with an equally large proboscis, am I engaging in nose-abuse? If I'm in Britain, I could and I am.


The worst life lessons Hollywood loves to teach you - one of my favorite Web sites - has published a list of the top-5 worst life lessons Hollywood loves to teach you." Here they are:

5. Technology is Dangerous and Will Eventually Destroy Us

4. You Don't Have to Take Any Initiative in Your Life, Because You Have a Hidden Talent

3. Corporations Exist Only to Create Evil

2. Love Conquers All

1. The Underdog Will Always Win, and Automatically Deserves To

Check out the list in its entirety here. It is a list that will impress conservatives, fo' sho'.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Attention Denver-visiting Democrats: Fried Chicken Rules!

I've never - and I mean I have never - cast a ballot in favor of a Democrat for any elected office. And I never will, 'cause Democrats regularly engage in asinine behavior like this:

"As part of the effort to make the August 25-28 convention the greenest ever, the Democrats’ guidelines for food catering include one that strikes at the heart of Southern cuisine: no fried food.

"No fried chicken. No fried catfish. No fried green tomatoes. No fried okra. No fried anything.

"In promoting healthy eating habits, the Democratic guidelines say every meal should be nutritious and include 'at least three of the following colors: red, green, yellow, purple/blue and white.'

"'It’s the new patriotism,' says Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, the driving force behind the greening of the Democratic convention."

So, according to a high-ranking Democrat, eating weeds is the "new patriotism" ...? I can't be the only one who thinks - nay, knows - that Andy Jackson, the father of the modern Democratic Party, would've backhanded any feller who suggested such in his presence.

You know, I have always deeply disliked any sombitch who doesn't enjoy a good piece of skillet-fried chicken. I guess I deeply dislike Denver's mayor, and, ipso facto, any Democrat who agrees with his no-fried-foods decree.

So there.


Rick Monday’s Great Play

Thirty-two years ago, Chicago Cubs outfielder Rick Monday snatched an American flag from two hairheads who were attempting to burn said flag on Dodger Stadium's field of play. The American Legion's Web site recently paid tribute to Monday's ballsy, patriotic act. Here 'tis (HT: Creeder Reader Nate):

"Thirty-two years ago ... Chicago Cub outfielder Rick Monday made a great play. When two protestors attempted to burn the U.S. flag on the field at Dodger stadium on April 25, 1976, Monday swiped the flag from the pair, an act that motivated the crowd of more than 30,000 to break into a spontaneous rendition of 'God Bless America.'

"The scoreboard lit up with the message, 'Rick Monday, you made a great play,' for the visiting player and future Dodger. It was ranked as one of the 100 greatest moments in baseball history by Baseball Hall of Fame visitors.

"Monday, who served in the Marine Corps Reserves, is a member of American Legion Post 211 in Woodward, Iowa. A broadcaster for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Monday also serves on the board of the Citizen’s Flag Alliance, which is working to pass a flag protection amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

"'The American flag means so much to our country, especially our veterans,' Monday said at The American Legion’s National Convention last summer. 'In my mind, what the protestors were trying to do was wrong. It was wrong 31 years ago and it is still wrong today. There is no place for it.'

Check out the vid:

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


JFK revisited

My neighborhood association had a get-together this evening. After business had been conducted, and after a bunch o' hot dogs had been eaten, folks started talking about politics.

During the fifteen-minute, fifteen-person impromptu political roundtable, a guy who admitted earlier in the evening that he is "39-year-old" opined that John F. Kennedy was the "greatest" president of his lifetime. I wanted to tell him, "JFK died about five years before you were ****in' born!" But I held my tongue.

Now, as for JFK being a "great" president, Joseph Epstein set the record straight in the Wall Street Journal last July. Check this out:

"Here was a president who initiated no impressive programs, was less than notably courageous in coming to the aid of civil rights workers in the South, got the nation enmeshed in one of the most unpopular wars in our history (Vietnam), and brought it to the edge of nuclear war in a probably unnecessary war of nerves with Nikita Khrushchev over the installation of Soviet missiles in Cuba. In short, John F. Kennedy was a president who, based on the decisions he made or didn't have the courage to make while in office, deserves to go down as one of the resoundingly mediocre figures in American presidential history."

Unfortunately, John F. Kennedy is routinely judged not by what he accomplished, but by what his presidency represented, i.e., Camelot, youth, vigor, and all that crap. Methinks all those folks who keep sayin' that a President B. Hussein Obama would be "another JFK" need to look at their history books a little more closely.

If B. Hussein is elected (God help us), we can only hope that he is not another JFK. Indeed.


Heidi Montag: "Je suis Jesus"

Some semi-famous gal named Heidi Montag really thinks a lot of herself. Ms. Montag, who appears on the MTV show The Hills, has ... well, I'll let you read it:

"The reality-tv star, whose feud with the show's protagonist Lauren Conrad is the reason most tune in to watch, likens herself to Jesus, when discussing the fight between herself and Conrad, which started when Conrad accused Montag and her boyfriend, Spencer Pratt, of spreading rumors about an alleged sex tape between Lauren and her ex.

"'I don't even want to talk about that. There were rumors about a sex tape, but I had nothing to do with that. God knows the truth in all of this, and at the end of the day, that is the only thing that matters. Jesus was persecuted, and I'm going to get persecuted, ya know? But it doesn't matter to me,' Montag tells USA Today."

I don't know what's worse: some bimbo comparing herself to Jesus Christ, or some bimbo comparing herself to Jesus Christ because she was accused of having appeared in a homemade sex tape.


Damn them dumb laws

The Club for Growth has started a new blog called Dumb Laws. It's a collection of incredibly dumb laws from across the country that the Club has sorted by state. Here're a couple of good ones:

The city of Los Angeles recently banned the sale of bacon hot dogs, and the United States Senate just this week passed a resolution honoring dirt.

To see even more dumb laws, click here.

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