Thursday, September 02, 2010


Remembering Sen. Ted (the murdering ****-head)

I was in Hartford, Connecticut when news broke that Ted Kennedy'd been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. For several days thereafter I had to endure fawning news stories in which ol' Ted Kennedy was portrayed as an almost-saint and a man-o'-the-people ('cause he cared so much about "the poor" and who fought for "social justice" ... and blah, blah, blah). Watchin' such was enough to churn a man's stomach, believe you me.

That said, I'm gonna get real direct and tell you what I think of the now-deceased Ted Kennedy: he should've spent most of his formative years in a jail cell -- 'cause of what he did to Mary Jo Kopechne -- and anyone who attempts to lionize the lecherous manslaughtering sombitch should be slapped about three times across his/her face, indeed.

If'n you don't remember what happened between Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne, let me tell you in a nutshell:

Ted left-out from a party in a car with a gal who wasn't his wife. Ted'd had a little bit to drink; and he steered the car he was driving, with one Mary Jo Kopechne sittin' in the passenger seat, into a shallow creek. Teddy freed himself from the partially-submerged car ... and he ran off, leaving Ms. Kopechne to suffocate to death.

There're a great many political folk who have great respect for Ted Kennedy -- 'cause of the "liberal lion" shit he did in the U.S. Senate. They seem to have collective amnesia 'bout what happened at Chappaquiddick. Too bad, so VERY sad, 'cause ...

Ted Kennedy killed a young lady, and that's how he should be remembered, forever, and for all time.

Apparently, Berton Hersh doesn't agree with me, or the historical record, ... and this shit is sick. A sample:

"If the thing had been handled properly, the first thing they would have done is put him in a hospital. Then they would have said he was a victim of an auto accident and didn't know what he was doing and couldn't be held responsible for anything that happened really after that, which would have been a fair explanation."

No, if the "thing" had been handled PROPERLY, Ted Kennedy's skinny ass, circa-The Sixties, would've been thrown in a jail cell, and he would've stayed there for five-to-ten; 'cause, after all, he did kill a gal (apologies to Love's Deadly Triangle).

Tuesday, August 31, 2010



Bad news for Barry and his fellow Dems:

Nate Silver, the left-leaning statistician recently hired by the New York Times after running his own polling blog for several years, is warning Democrats not to dismiss the GOP generic ballot lead as a mere outlier.

Gallup released a poll yesterday, using the president's favorite word, "unprecedented," to describe the GOP's 10-point lead on the generic ballot question. It's the first time the Republican Party has achieved such a margin in the 70 years Gallup has been polling the question, and puts them 10 points ahead of their standing on the eve of the '94 wave election.


But he did what he did before Bubba came to town

In case you haven't heard, Bill Clinton's comin' to town to campaign for guv-candidate Mike McWherter. It'll be interesting to hear how Bubba makes the case for electing a feller whose primary qualifications are (a) his dad was governor a few years back and (b) he's been endorsed by Phil Bredesen.

What ... you didn't know Mike McWherter's been endorsed by Phil Bredesen? You can't watch the local news without seeing one of Mike's TV ads in which he tells us such:

Back in 2006, I made this observation about Phil Bredesen's 2002 gubernatorial campaign:

In 2002, Phil Bredesen was elected on a platform of low taxes and promises to use the power of the market to deal with issues like TennCare. That is, he more or less ran as a Republican. In fact, if an individual knew absolutely nothing about Phil Bredesen except what he or she had seen in the governor-to-be's 2002 television ads, the individual in question would've had to conclude that Bredesen is a card-carrying Republican.

Not only has Mike McWherter been endorsed by Governor Bredesen, he seems to be running his campaign right outta the Bredesen for Gov 2002 playbook. That is, he's for lower taxes on small businesses (though he never gets around to tellin' us how he's going to pull that one off), he's for getting all tough on criminals, and he never, ever mentions the D-word ("D" for Democrat).

This ain't 2002, however; and Mike McWherter doesn't have the good fortune to run against a beanbag opponent like Bredesen did. Bill Haslam has a lot - and I mean a lot - of money with which he can counter McWherter every time a negative ad goes up (and believe me, the negative ads are a-comin'). Furthermore, Haslam is a well-disciplined candidate who can point to his years as the popular mayor of a major Tennessee city to make the case that he's more qualified to be Tennessee's next governor. You know, like Phil Bredesen did.

From where I sit, I see Haslam beating Mikey by 10 points. Ain't no way a Democrat is going to win statewide in Tennessee with the stain of Obama on his party i.d. Methinks Bubba should use his frequent-flyer miles on a cadidate who actually has a chance.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Barry "Half-Assed" Obama

When I was a kid, my dad had a saying that he'd uncork whenever my effort at completing a task didn't measure up to his expectation. "Don't half-ass it, son" he'd say. I thought about my dad's, ahem, encouraging words when I was driving home today. Please allow me to explain.

There are two routes that I take when driving from my office to my house. One is a direct route; the other is an out-of-the-way route that I use to visit a local library before heading home. The library route takes me down Tusculum Road in South Nashville -- a road that's been riddled with kidney-jarring potholes for the better part of two years.

Whilst driving down Tusculum Road today I spied this sign:

If you can't read the sign, it says: "Roadway Paving Project," paid for with "" bucks.

Now, instead of doing a full-scale paving job on Tusculum Road, funded ... well, take a look:

Whereas there used to be big potholes on Tusculum Road, now there are slightly less big potholes on Tusculum Road ... thanks to President Barry and his stash of "Obama money."

If I could have a couple of minutes to bend the president's ear, I'd tell him, "Don't half-ass it, Barry." I think my dad would be proud I said it.


President Accomplishment

Last week, a nut by the name o' Howard Meek penned an op-ed in the Tennessean in which he touted Saint, er, President Obama's supposed accomplishments. You can read Meek's load of unadulterated claptrap here.

One fact that Mr. Meek failed to mention is that Obama's economic policies are hurtling the country toward a double-dip recession (accomplishment, indeed). To wit:

If you needed proof as to why you should vote Republican this November, I just gave it to you.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


I'm a travelin' man

I am a passenger
And I ride and I ride

-- Iggy Pop, "The Passenger"

Yours truly has been on many an airplane -- and worked many a long hour -- these past few months. Thus, I've not had much time for bloggin'.

The traveling is over, for now; but I'm still going to be working long hours for the next few weeks. Just so you know.

Look, I'm going to do my best to post here every day from here on out (this IS an election year after all). Hopefully, loyal Creeder Readers will not have to endure additional "What's he thinkin'?" silences from yours truly for some time to come.

In the meantime, check this out:

-- Somewhere over the hellhole known as Detroit, Michigan

-- Chesapeake Bay, near Baltimore, Maryland

-- Albany, New York

-- Hudson River, near Albany, New York

-- Black 'n' white photo over Charlotte, North Carolina

-- Black 'n' white photo outside o' Hartford, Connecticut

-- Flyin' into Orlando, Florida

-- Somewhere between Atlanta, Georgia and Nashville, Tennessee

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Yakub's progeny can't be nothing but nonplussed to hear this ...

Let us now talk about Louis Farrakhan, the racist, UFO-believin' fool who endorsed Barry Obama back in '08.

What's Farrakhan been up to these days?! Well ...

[T]he National Representative of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam, sent a three-page letter to the leaders of 16 major Jewish organizations demanding reparations for alleged crimes Jews have perpetrated against African Americans. ...

The written diatribe continues with the Farrakhan proclaiming, "We could charge you [Jews] with being the most deceitful so-called friend, while your history with us shows you have been our worst enemy."

Reckon if Louis F.K. knows that a good portion of the slaves who made their way to the pre-colonial U.S.A. were sold - and/or trafficked - by Mooslims in good standing? I betcha he does.

Indeed, ignoring your chosen religion's sins and bitching about Jews is sooooo much more more fun when you're (a) a Mooslim, and (b) a member of a cult (see Islam, Nation of) .

Monday, July 12, 2010


Pic of the day

If women are such "great leaders," how come the woman driving this car supported Barry Obama over Hillary Rodham (Clinton) in '08 -- as evidenced by the fact that she's sporting an Obama primary campaign bumper sticker?!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


That's a big'un ... has up a baker's dozen o' pics which, supposedly, represent "amazing" Caucasian Afros (check out the list here).

Absent from the list is one Neil Schon -- he of Journey, HSAS, Hear 'N' Aid, Bad English, and New Journey fame.

That's a shame, 'cause Mr. Schon once sported the best White Guy Afro of all time. To wit:

Stone in love, indeed!

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