Monday, August 30, 2010


Barry "Half-Assed" Obama

When I was a kid, my dad had a saying that he'd uncork whenever my effort at completing a task didn't measure up to his expectation. "Don't half-ass it, son" he'd say. I thought about my dad's, ahem, encouraging words when I was driving home today. Please allow me to explain.

There are two routes that I take when driving from my office to my house. One is a direct route; the other is an out-of-the-way route that I use to visit a local library before heading home. The library route takes me down Tusculum Road in South Nashville -- a road that's been riddled with kidney-jarring potholes for the better part of two years.

Whilst driving down Tusculum Road today I spied this sign:

If you can't read the sign, it says: "Roadway Paving Project," paid for with "" bucks.

Now, instead of doing a full-scale paving job on Tusculum Road, funded ... well, take a look:

Whereas there used to be big potholes on Tusculum Road, now there are slightly less big potholes on Tusculum Road ... thanks to President Barry and his stash of "Obama money."

If I could have a couple of minutes to bend the president's ear, I'd tell him, "Don't half-ass it, Barry." I think my dad would be proud I said it.

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