Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Africans to Bono: "For God's sake please stop!"

The American says it's time it's time to let Africa determine its own future (amen):

"Africa has never loomed as large in the popular imagination of the West as it does today, thanks to the Jeffrey Sachs-Bono ambition to Make Poverty History, and of course to Angelina Jolie and Madonna's commitment to adopting African babies.

"Their message of hope is one that seems to deny Africans a role as agents of their own transformation. We can save Darfur. We can save Africans from disease. We can even save Africans from themselves. Africa can be saved if we just try hard enough. ...

"Aid can alleviate immediate misery and that is why we love it. Charity is a profoundly human response to all those images that pull on our heartstrings. But all evidence points to the maddening conclusion that, in the long run, aid not only has no positive effect on economic growth, it may even undermine it.

"The only way Africa will develop and create wealth is if it can attract foreign capital and trade its goods on the world market like every other economically successful country does."

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