Sunday, July 29, 2007


Clinton-Obama? Don't bet on it

So much for the Clinton-Obama ticket:

"Hillary Clinton called Barack Obama 'irresponsible and frankly naïve,' Barack Obama fired back that electing Hillary Clinton could mean 'continuing with Bush-Cheney policies,' and finally Hillary Clinton asked, 'What’s ever happened to the politics of hope?' ...

"But even if Mrs. Clinton now reverts to holding her fire, this week’s flare-up hints at very real tension not just between the two front-runners’ campaigns but between the candidates themselves. And that, in turn, suggests that Mrs. Clinton, should she ultimately secure the nomination, will be inclined to thumb her nose at any pressure from within the party to tap Mr. Obama as her running-mate. (There is no serious thought that Mr. Obama, if he were to win, would face similar pressure to fill out his ticket with Mrs. Clinton.)"

I don't see Hillary - let's be clear, Hillary will be the nominee in '08 - picking a U.S. Senator more liberal than she, who hails from a solid blue state, as her VP. If she's going to pick another Senator, she'd do better with red-stater Evan Bayh (IN) ; if she picks a governor, her choices might be Bill Richardson (NM) or former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack -- both of whom hail from states President Bush won in '04.

To paraphrase a line from The Wolf in Pulp Fiction, those pining for an Hillary-Obama ticket shouldn't start kissing each other's butts just yet.

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