Sunday, July 22, 2007


Jobs, jobs, jobs

The next time you hear a liberal prattling on about how hard jobs are to come by these days, remind him or her of this fact: Eighteen states have set historical record-low jobless rates in the last year, and twelve of those record lows were set this year. Here's the list:

Alabama: 3.3 percent; Alaska: 5.8; Arizona: 3.4; California: 4.7; Florida: 3.2; Hawaii: 2.0; Idaho: 2.3; Illinois: 4.0; Louisiana: 3.3; Montana: 2.0; Nevada: 4.1; New Mexico: 3.2; New York: 4.0; Pennsylvania: 3.8; Texas: 4.1; Utah: 2.3; Washington: 4.4; West Virginia: 4.0.

Take note that three states (UT, HI, MT) have unemployment rates below 2.5 percent. That's a couple of points below the rate at which economists consider the country to be at full employment. Incredible!

The worst place for job-seekers these days is the state of Michigan. Not only does Michigan have the highest unemployment rate in the U.S. (7.2 percent), it is the only state that did not create any new jobs last year.

Remember when Democrats were bemoaning the fact that MI Gov. Jennifer Granholm is constitutionally prohibited from running for president (she was born in Canada)? Considering the bang-up job Gov. Granholm has done running the Michigan economy, she'll be lucky if she can herself elected as Lansing's chief dogcatcher when she leaves the statehouse.

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