Sunday, August 19, 2007


Larry Daughtrey don't know **** 'bout baseball

I really dislike Larry Daughtrey. There, I said it. It's bad enough that Daughtrey is a left-wing hack, not to mention being just a tad elitist, now he's gone and tried to pass himself off as an expert on baseball in the city of Nashville.

Writing in this morning's Tennessean, Larry D. says this 'bout the Nashville Sounds: "Vanderbilt has better baseball, anyway." Uh, do what?!

I'll bet a dollar to anyone's dime that Daughtrey doesn't read the sports section of the paper for which he works. I mean, no one who's read the Tennessean's sports page as of late would ridiculously imply that the Nashville Sounds aren't any good.

Here's a newsflash for one Larry Daughtrey: The Nashville Sounds have the best record in the Pacific Coast League, and they're on track to win their second PCL championship in three years (winning the PCL championship is the AAA equivalent of winning the MLB World Series). In addition, Sounds pitcher R.A. Dickey - a former University of Tennessee standout - is tied for the most wins in the PCL.

Sure, Vandy has a terrific baseball program. But they were booted from this year's College World Series before it ever began. Unless and until they win the CWS, the Commodores really do not have any bragging rights over the Nashville Sounds.

That said, I can't be the only one who finds it hard to envision ol' Larry and Martha Craig sitting in one of Herschel Greer Stadium's faded seats sipping beer and eating hot dogs. Since he doesn't read the sports page, and since he'd probably rather eat dirt than be caught on Chestnut Street after dark, I guess his ignorance vis-à-vis the Nashville Sounds shouldn't be a surprise.

When I think Larry Daughtrey 'n' baseball, I see him tooling into Vandy's Hawkins Field between the first and second inning, staying until, oh, the end of the fourth, and then heading to Sperry's for a salad and a $20 Scotch.

When it comes to baseball, Larry Daughtrey don't know ****. There, I said THAT.

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