Friday, August 10, 2007


Let's meet at the cemetery gates (apologies to Morrissey)

Regular Creeder Readers may recall my bad, bad experience inside Mt. Olivet Cemetery a couple of months ago. After that bad day I vowed that I'd never go to Mt. Olivet Cemetery again.

In this week's Nashville Scene, Christine Kreyling tours Nashville's historic cemeteries, including Mt. Olivet. After reading her excellent piece, I may just have to rethink my ain't-going-back vow. A sample:

"Since its founding, Mount Olivet has been the final resting place of Nashville’s leading families. A walk along its lanes yields a roll call of the city’s power structure. It’s not surprising, therefore, that its collection of funerary sculpture and architecture, if sometimes grandiose, is the finest in the city. Mount Olivet is an exclusive and tony place. The grounds once featured a conservatory that sold plants and flowers for grave decoration. And admission was by ticket only, issued to lot-holders for the exclusive use of family and relatives."

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