Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Murderer, dictator, and left-wing nutbucket (clockwise from top)

Wanna see a picture of two idiots in action? Here 'tis:

As much as your typical Hollywood leftist enjoys prattling 'bout free speech and free expression, you'd think Hugo Chávez would be the last person on earth with whom Sean Penn would agree to rub elbows. I guess ol' Sean forgot about - ignored is probably more like it - these recent happenings in Venezuela when he decided to take a ride in el presidente Chávez's jeep:

● In 2006, Reporters Without Borders ranked Venezuela 115th out of 168 countries in its global press freedom listing, sharply down from 2005's rating of 90th. Freedom House currently rates Venezuela as 'not free' according to its latest survey.

● Earlier this year, Chávez announced that the operating license for RCTV — Venezuela's second largest TV channel which has been broadcasting for 53 years — will not be renewed due to its anti-Chávez editorializing.

● Last month, Chavez issued a decree mandating the deportation of any foreign visitors to Venezuela who criticized himself or his administration.

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