Friday, August 24, 2007


Those moose toots sho' do pollute

Someone needs to tell Al Gore to pack his rifles and head to Norway, stat (HT:Patriot Post):

"We have already heard that bovine flatulence is contributing to global warming. Now, another large animal whose methane emissions are warming the planet is under attack. This time, Scandinavian moose are the culprit -- they are burping and, er, blowing too much of that other hot air. Norwegian researchers blame their national animal for producing 2,100 kilos of carbon dioxide each per year. By comparison, you would have to travel nearly 8,100 miles by car to emit that much carbon dioxide. Global-warming alarmists and PETA lunatics will undoubtedly butt antlers on this one. Hunting season is coming up in Norway and an estimated 35,000 moose (out of a total population of 120,000) will be killed."

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