Saturday, August 11, 2007


Three cheers for Rep. Jim Cooper!

The Club for Growth has issued its 2007 RePORK Card. Over the past few months, the U.S. House of Representatives voted on 50 separate anti-pork amendments. The Club for Growth tallied them up and recorded the votes. Reps. Jeff Flake, John Campbell, and Jeb Hensarling offered most of the amendments "to illustrate why pork-barrel spending is such a corrupting practice." You can see the entire 2007 RePork Card here.

Tennessee's own Jim Cooper not only bests his fellow House Democrats on the RePork Card, he bests his fellow representatives in the Tennessee delegation. Here's how Tennessee's U.S. Reps did (these scores reflect the percentage of YES votes on 50 anti-pork amendments):

Cooper - 98 percent, 49/50 (score/ratio)
Blackburn - 94, 46/49
Davis, David - 91, 43/47
Duncan - 88, 44/50
Wamp - 12, 6/50
Davis, Lincoln - 4, 2/50
Gordon - 4, 2/50
Cohen - 2, 1/50
Tanner - 2, 1/50

Update: Thanks to Creeder Reader Tim for pointing out this important fact: Jim Cooper is the only Democrat to score above 20 percent on the Club for Growth's RePork Card.

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