Thursday, January 31, 2008


Big Jim Coop' makes a big liberal ass of himself

Until I read 'bout it in the January 31 Nashville Today [no Web site], I was unaware that U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper had thrown his no-upper-lip weight behind B. Hussein Obama' presidential campaign. Can't say I'm surprised.

In 1993, Jim Cooper was a "managed care" proponent who did a fair amount of cheerleading for Bill and Hillary Clinton's abortive national health care scheme. The Clintons returned the favor by cheerleading for Jim Cooper during his 1994 campaign for U.S. Senate. Cooper got his ass handed to him in '94 - by one Fred Dalton Thompson - in large part because he'd carried water for Bill and Hillary Clinton's national health care scheme. (I'm sure he ain't forgot 'bout that.)

When Jim Cooper was a Shelbyville-based Congressman, Tennessee political scuttlebutters told us he was a moderate to moderately conservative Democrat. His voting record during that time, for the most part, confirmed such. When Cooper returned to Congress representing a "metropolitan" district, in 2003, his voting record shifted accordingly. Now, only a fool would call him a "moderate" or a "moderate to conservative" Democrat.

Thus, it ain't no shock to me that Jim Coop' is supportin' B. Hussein Obama. Obama is a certified liberal who's doing all he can to garner favor with other certified liberals -- or former moderates currently representing liberal districts. Coop' signed up and I'm sure he thinks he's being damn-principled by doing so.

The folks in and 'round Bedford County would probably kick Jim Cooper in the ass if presented with an opportunity to do so. He should think long and hard about that ...

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