Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Attention Dems: Tax rebates don't stimulate the economy

There are a lot of derisive things one can say about Democrats. The fact that 99 percent of 'em are totally ignorant 'bout basic economics is perhaps the most spot-on.

As Democrats in Congress and the Dems' presidential candidates crawl over one another to see who can propose the biggest tax rebate (in the name of stimulating the economy, you know), Brian M. Riedl tells the Democrats what the don't know, and probably don't have the intellectual capacity to understand:

"With slower economic growth raising fears of a recession, Washington is abuzz with talk of economic stimulus plans. ... [C]ongressional leaders [i.e., Democrats] are discussing a proposal centered around tax rebates.

"Tax rebates, however, don't stimulate the economy. Cutting tax rates does."

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