Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Fred '08 est mort

Fred '08, RIP.

I had several close and casual friends who badgered the you-know-what out of me to dump Mitt Romney in favor of Fred Thompson. I was told that Fred was tanned, rested, and ready to mount a spirited campaign which would take him all the way to the White House. Fred's campaign was anything but spirited, and he deservedly never came close to winning any Republican primary or caucus.

Just like Wesley Clark in 2004, Fred was more attractive as a non-candidate than as a real candidate. During the interminable weeks that Fred was flirting with running, his supporters hyped him as a Great Conservative Hope who would inspire and motivate Republican voters in a way not seen since Ronald Reagan's 1980 campaign. Well, that sure as hell didn't happen.

Two weeks ago, Fred chastised the journalists who've been covering the 2008 campaign for lacking "fire in the belly.” I found Fred's reporter-dissing to be especially laughable given that at no time prior to his quip had he appeared to be either motivated or inspired to be president. I'll bet those reporters are havin' themselves a good laugh now.

All that said, I wonder if any of the Tennessee turncoats who abandoned Romney last year - see Blackburn, Marsha and Duncan, Jimmy - will return to the fold? Given their profound lack of political judgement, will Mitt even want 'em back?

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