Friday, January 18, 2008


Lamar has friends in left-of-center places

Just six shorts months ago, Tenn. Democratic Party chief Gray Sasser was crowing that Senator Lamar Alexander would not be re-elected in 2008:

"I firmly believe that Sen. Alexander is beatable in 2008. Tennesseans, like the rest of America, are ready for a change and are disappointed that Sen. Alexander continues to back the failed policies of George Bush and Karl Rove, voting with the Bush administration more than 90 percent of the time."

Not only has the state Democratic Party been unable to find anyone misguided enough to put his/her name on the November ballot opposite Sen. Alexander, Mr. Sasser must surely be disappointed at the number of prominent Democrats who've stepped forward to endorse Alexander's re-election effort, such as:

* Franklin Haney, Chattanooga-based businessman
* State Sen. Douglas Henry of Nashville
* Memphis City Mayor Dr.Willie W. Herenton
* Frances Hooks of Memphis, who has served as assistant, secretary and adviser to her spouse, Dr. Benjamin Hooks, former Executive Director of the NAACP
* Dr. Joe Johnson, former President of the University of Tennessee
* Johnny Majors, former head coach at the University of Tennessee
* Carl Moore, businessman and former State Senator from the Tri-Cities.
* Wesley Cornelius McClure, President of Lane College in Jackson
* Clayton McWhorter, Nashville-based businessman
* James Pratt of Nashville, who was Communications Director for former U. S. Sen. Jim Sasser
* Clinton Mayor Wimp Shoopman
* Shelby County Mayor A C Wharton Jr.
* Emily Wiseman of Nashville, former Executive Director of the Tennessee Commission on Aging

You can see more Democrats who're for Alexander here.

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