Thursday, January 10, 2008


Mexican hypocrisy on display

The Mexican government pisses and moans each and every time the United States Congress simply considers new laws to reduce the number of individuals entering America illegally. Proving that it is nothing if not hypocritical, the Mexican Instituto Nacional de MigraciĆ³n (National Migration Institute) has announced that it will soon introduce an electronic registration for foreigners entering the country through the southern border to curb illegal immigration:

"In a communique, the INM ... said Biochip implants would be used to control the entry of workers and visitors from Belize and Guatemala from March 2008, Spanish news agency EFE reported Friday.

"The implant will replace the currently used local pass, which can be easily modified.

"The biochip ID will allow total electronic registration of entries and departures, officials said.

"The INM said a migration form for local visitors will be issued to residents of regions near the border with Guatemala, while the migration form for border workers will benefit workers in the area bordering Belize and Guatemala.

"In 2006, Mexico nabbed 200,000 people trying to enter illegally through the southern border, according to INM figures."

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