Wednesday, January 30, 2008


On to Super-Duper Tuesday

In case you haven't heard, John McCain won yesterday's Florida GOP primary:

"Sen. John McCain won a breakthrough triumph in the Florida primary Tuesday night, seizing the upper hand in the Republican presidential race ahead of next week's coast-to-coast contests and lining up a quick endorsement from soon-to-be dropout Rudy Giuliani."

While the Republican race is far from over, McCain is certainly in the driver's seat at this point. If McCain wins California next week, and if Huckabee wins a couple of Southern states (which seems very likely at this point), he will have a firm lead in the delegate count. He'll also have big mo' as the race turns toward McCain-friendly states like Washington, Wisconsin, Maryland and Virginia.

That said, Republicans should be praying - hard - for Hillary to win the Democratic nomination. Imagine the 71-year-old McCain running against the 40-something B. Hussein Obama. As much as Obama and his minions decry "personal" politics, they will begin casting the election as a race between two generations: the yesterday McCain and the tomorrow Obama. And don't think the Obama-ramas won't churn out tons of television ads and campaign materials featuring unflattering pictures of McCain that make him look even older than 71.

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