Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Praise be ...!

I've found another reason to dislike Mike Huckabee. He's a praise service guy:

"A pastor from Texas was scheduled to deliver the sermon Sunday at a church [in Windham, NH] called the Crossing.

"But instead this small evangelical congregation heard from a different special guest: Baptist minister and 2008 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. ...

"The former Arkansas governor said he was comfortable at the Crossing because it is similar to the Church at Rock Creek in Little Rock, which he attends regularly. The former head of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention prefers 'contemporary' services, an aide said, and often attends services that are not explicitly Baptist.

"At the Crossing, like at Huckabee's Arkansas church, a band with guitar players leads the singing, and the words of the songs appeared on a projector rather than in hymnals. In contrast, however, this relatively new congregation does not own a building -- there is a large sanctuary at his Arkansas church -- so more than 200 people sat in folding chairs in the large cafeteria, with the lunch tables used during the school week stacked against the wall."

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