Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Dissin' leftist shipdits ain't hard at all

In a letter published in the current Nashville Scene, a Mr. Jeffrey Pitcher not only questioned Tennessean columnist/cancer survivor Tim Chavez's grammatical skills, he referred to Mr. Chavez as a "rightist wing-nut."

I'm not sure the Tennessean even employs proof-readers, so it's unfair to call out any of the writers employed there for spelling and/or grammatical errors. Indeed, just check out the following blurb from a recent Joe Biddle column in which he discussed several new coaches hired by University of Tennessee head football coach Phil Fulmer:

"This is the first time Fulmer has gone outside the extended UT family to make these many wide-ranging changes on his staff. It should serve to inject some new blood and ideas to the program.

"From first impression, these have all be solid hires." [Emphasis mine]

I could easily take Mr. Biddle to task for his unprofessional use of Ebonics. However, I know Joe Biddle, and I know he would never, ever commit such a grammatical faux pas. I feel confident to say that any grammatical sins committed by Mr. Chavez are equally suspect.

As for Mr. Pitcher's calling Chavez a "wing-nut," I dispatched this e-mail to Pitcher late last week:


If Tim Chavez is a "rightist wing-nut," what does that make you? Wait, I know: you're a statist spewer of left-wing shipdittery. So there.


Joltin' Django
Nashville, Tennnessee

I'm still waiting for a reply.

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