Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Current Events 101 (update)

A few months back, I busted on the host of WRVU's "College Music 101" after he uncorked this petite gemme of anti-Bush nitwittery:

"[President Bush] probably doesn't know who the Dalai Lama is."

I quickly pointed out that President Bush had met with the Dalai Lama the previous week; and I said that if Mr. Music 101 would get over to the Vandy library more often, he would be less likely to make a left-wing ass of himself on air.

My comments apparently didn't sit too well with Mr. Music 101. The following week he accused me of "sactimoniously" pegging him as "sanctimonious." (I never said any such thing. Indeed, if anything, I hinted that he's ignorant -- not sanctimonious.) And he also suggested that I'd quoted him on a non-textual basis, even though his original the-president-is-an-idiot quip came out his mouth with not a hint of context. "Pathetic," I said to myself.

Since I'm still not convinced that Mr. Music 101 is very up on current events, if you will, I'm posting the following picture - from the February Soldier of Fortune magazine - as a learnin' aid for him. To wit:

The caption at left reads:

"President Bush attended the ceremony where the Dalai Lama was presented the Congressional Gold Medal. This is the fourth time that the President has met with the Tibetan leader, whose country was invaded by the Chinese Communists in 1959." [Emphasis for Mr. College Music 101's much-needed benefit]

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