Saturday, February 09, 2008


Cut it the **** out (update)

Dinesh D'Souza says certain conservative, some of whom I identified earlier this week, need to stop having John McCain-inspired hissy fits:

"Now that John McCain seems assured of being the Republican nominee for president, will I join Ann Coulter in campaigning for Hillary Clinton? Only if I've completely lost my marbles, as Coulter seems to have in this case.

"Hillary Clinton wants to raise taxes. She wants the government to take over one-sixth of the economy in the form of the health care sector. She wants to retreat in Iraq. ... She wants more social liberals of the Ruth Bader Ginsburg stripe on the Supreme Court. She loathes conservatives who represent to her a 'vast right-wing conspiracy.'

"McCain's big offense seems to be that he hasn't paid his obeisance. I cannot think of any other explanation for why [Rush] Limbaugh is so vehement against him. Consider that Rudy Giuliani got much more respectful treatment from Limbaugh, and Giuliani is a self-professed social liberal who supports abortion, embryonic stem cell research and gay rights.

"McCain is conservative not only on foreign policy but also on economic and social issues. He's at least as conservative as Bush and almost as conservative as Reagan. Yes, he disagrees with some conservative pundits on immigration and campaign finance reform. So what? Are conservatives so politically immature that they cannot distinguish the primary issues from the secondary ones?

"He has already asked his conservative critics to 'calm down' and this is the right message. The intelligent, practical-minded conservatives will line up behind McCain, as the majority of the GOP rank and file already has.

"Let's recognize that if McCain is going to win in November he also needs to reach out to moderate and independent voters. McCain's standing with swing voters might even improve if he tells Rush Limbaugh to go worship at his own shrine."

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