Saturday, February 02, 2008


"Dear people, you have lost your minds ..."

I'm really getting sick of hearing about conservatives who say they will not vote - or will vote third party (see Valentine, Phil) - this November if John McCain is the GOP nominee. I will vote this November, and it will be for whomever the Republican Party nominates. Indeed, I'd endure a Clorox enema before I'd vote for Sen./statist B. Hussein Obama or Sen./statist Hillary Rodham (Clinton).

Rachel Lucas, whose blog I discovered just a few days ago, has a few curt words for conservatives who think they can sit this one out in anticipation of a Republican returning to the White House in 2012. A lot of Perot supporters said the same thing in '92, and look where that got us.

Check this out:

"Okay fine. [John McCain is not] your ideal Republican, despite his pro-war, pro-killin’-terrorists record. But. But. BUT.

"Just what in the hell kind of crack are Ann Coulter and lots of other conservatives (even the normally brilliant Michelle Malkin) smoking when they say they won’t vote for him if he’s the Republican nominee? Coulter actually said last night on Hannity and Colmes that she would campaign for Hillary instead. Granted, she probably didn’t mean that, but good god damn!

"I’ve read several dozen blogs yesterday and this morning, and there are even comments on my own blog, saying that if McCain is the candidate, they won’t vote at all. ARE YOU PEOPLE SERIOUS?

"Let me get this straight: you’d rather have Hillary Clinton, a bona fide socialist, liar, all-around bad person, as president. You’d rather have Obama, the senator with the most liberal voting record, as president.

"Really? I throw up my hands in disgust. I truly do. ...

"There is no way in hell that McCain is so bad that it’d be better to have any of the Democrats running right now. You don’t have to think McCain is great or even decent, but jiminy christmas, he’s a damn sight better than those socialist weasels."

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