Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Iran: Dangerous yesterday, dangerous today

Denizens of the far-left crowed when a recent National Intelligence Estimate concluded that Iran halted its nuclear-weaponization program in 2003. Bush's could no longer use Tehran's "nuclear arms-seeking mullahs" as a bugaboo with which to hype possible military action in Iran.

As I stated when the NIE was released, only a fool would believe that Iran is not trying to build nuclear weapons. First of all, the Iranians are busily spinning uranium like nobody's business, and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has delivered dozens of speeches in which he's stated that it is his country's destiny to have nuclear weapons. As Barney Fife might say, 2 and 2 makes 4.

Well, what serious-thinking folks such as myself have been saying for months vis-à-vis Iran is once again emerging through the fog of anti-war/anti-Bush punditry and propaganda. This morning's Wall Street Journal has all the details (subscription required to read the entire article):

"The Iranian opposition group that first exposed Iran's controversial nuclear-fuel program has given the United Nations' nuclear watchdog details of what the group says is a working nuclear-warhead-development facility.

"The facility at Khojir, a defense-ministry missile-research site on the southeast edge of Tehran, is developing a nuclear warhead for use on Iranian medium-range missiles, according to Mohammad Mohaddessin, foreign-affairs chief for the exiled Council of Resistance of Iran.

"He also said the NCRI has identified a guest house on a military compound near Khojir that the group says houses North Korean specialists working at the warhead facility. The information was finalized in recent weeks and is current, according to Mr. Mohaddessin. ...

"It wasn't possible to verify any of NCRI's claims independently. Mr. Mohaddessin passed the information, which includes satellite images, to the International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N.'s Vienna-based nuclear watchdog, and asked the agency to investigate. ...

"The NCRI has at least twice given detailed information to the IAEA that IAEA inspectors later verified, including the original information that exposed Iran's uranium-enrichment program and the location of those facilities in 2002."

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