Saturday, February 23, 2008


Kiss a big 'ol peta-this ...!

I don't think there's a group for which I have more contempt than PETA. Sanctimonious, self-righteous, and hypocritical, the folks at PETA spend practically every waking moment telling people - in the most abrasive of ways - what they should eat, drink and wear.

You know, I just wonder how many members of PETA consider themselves pro-abortion. An overwhelming majority, I'll bet. And I wonder how many of 'em have said, "Don't like abortion? Don't have one." Thankfully, I don't come into contact with PETA people very often. If'n I did, I'd say, "Don't like steak or leather belts? Well, then, don't eat steak or wear leather belts. But lemme tell you: point your finger in my general direction while I'm doing either and I'll snatch it off your hand and shove it up your arse."

All that said, I now find myself in a position in which I never thought I'd find myself: Britney Spears defender. Please, let me explain.

Last week, PETA's "HQ" sent a letter to Britney Spears' parents suggesting that their daughter has mental issues, if you will, because she's never forsworn dairy products. Yes, according to PETA, Ms. Spears is batshit-crazy because she drinks milk. (I'm sure a lot of celebrities wish they were lucky enough to ascribe their bizarre behavior to too many glasses of milk.)

PETA's letter to Britney Spears' parents was incredibly tacky. It reminded me of Tom Cruise's unlearned Church of Scientology-approved rant against Brooke Shields' doctor-approved use of psychotropic drugs. Who the **** is PETA to think that they can cogently comment on Ms. Spears' mental health treatment -- or anyone's mental health treatment, for that matter?

I'm pretty sure PETA folks don't think. And that's their ****in' problem ... ain't it?!

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