Friday, February 29, 2008


OK, take out a clean sheet of paper ...

My Cousin David - once of Middle Tennesse, now of hot, hot, hot Arizona - has sent us a very funny political quiz.

In his sending e-mail, if you will, Cousin David asked if folks who frequently submit material to the Nigh Seen Creeder get free Yazoo beer. Sadly, the answer is no. However, I do have a gift which I send to folks who send me interesting material: a six-pack of Natural Light. (If the sent material is really, really good, I give out a six-pack of Natural Light tall boys!)

Cuz, expect a six-pack of tall boys for entertaining Creeder Readers so ...

UPDATE: Don't know why, but the above-mentioned political quiz keeps f-in' up my templates. Thus, I've taken 'er down.

If'n you wanna see the Are You A Hopless Political Nerd?, Take This Easy Quiz And Find Out! quiz, shoot an e-mail to I'll drop it in your in-box faster'n B. Obama Hussein can say "change."

Now, that's fast!!!

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