Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Re: Mrs. B. Hussein Obama

Back in 2004, CNS News called Mrs. John Kerry "a ticking-time-bombette with a volatile temper and acid tongue who makes [Howard] Dean look like Mr. Rogers on Prozac." Fast forward to 2008. The ticking-time-bombette of the 2008 campaign is Mrs. B. Hussein Obabma.

Volatile temper? Check. Acid tongue? Check. Mrs. Obama is beginning to look and sound like Teresa Heinz Kerry Version 2.0. Her increasingly shrill - and stupid - comments have to have the Obama campaign on high alert (and on the hunt for a sock big enouth to stuff in the Mrs.'s mouth):

"Michelle Obama:

"'For the first time in my adult lifetime I am [really] proud of my country.'

"I'm thrilled that Michelle Obama is finally really proud of her country. I assume her country is the same as my country, but she didn't actually say that so that may be an assumption which turns out to be terribly wrong. ...

"For those who might be a little thin on this, America - the America of which Mrs. Obama is finally really proud - gives people like Michelle Obama the right to say excruciatingly stupid things. And, America - the America of which I have always been proud - gives people like Barack Obama the ability to run for (and probably win) the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. ...

"Where was Michelle Obama on September 12, 2001 the day after the attacks. She was an adult in 2001. Was she embarrassed by America that day?

"Where was Michelle Obama in November 9, 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down signifying the end of the Cold War. She was an adult in 1989. Was she embarrassed that day?

"Where was Michelle Obama - 22 years old and thus an adult - on July 5, 1986 when the Statue of Liberty was re-opened after extensive refurbishing. Was she embarrassed that day as well?

"When Michelle Obama received her undergraduate degree from Princeton and her law degree from Harvard … was she embarrassed by an America which gave her the opportunity to live up to her intellectual capabilities?

"Michelle Obama owes America an apology."

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