Monday, February 04, 2008


What's so great about Barock Obamma?

White male/sports fan Kenneth Russell published a half-page ad in the Tennessean's "Sports" section on Saturday in which he urged folks to vote for B. Hussein Obama in tomorrow's presidential primary. What struck me whilst reading the ad was not Mr. Russell's ridiculous attempt to analogize his love for Obama with his love of sports; it was Mr. Russell's misspelling of "Barack" not once, not twice, but thrice (see pics below, and apologies to C. Montgomery Burns) that really got my eyebrows to raisin'.

Call me cynical, but if a feller can't correctly spell the name of his preferred candidate, it's probably highly unlikely that he'd be able to say anything substantive about said candidate.

That said, I'm so tired of hearing "Obama" and "change" that I could spit. In its recent Obama endorsement editorial, the Los Angeles Times said that Obama is the candidate who's "most focused on steering the nation toward constructive change." He's focused on change, for sure. Hell, he uses the word practically every time he opens his mouth. But what, exactly, does he mean by "change?" Unfortunately for voters, he ain't been willin' to say.

When Obama does start talking policy, it's typical Democratic boilerplate: He's gonna "protect" these while "fighting for" those; he wants to "fully fund" a whole host of government programs; and he wants to "restore" the United States' lost prestige by kneeling at the alter of the United Nations. He jazzes up the Democratic playbook with soaring rhetoric and Oprah-esque empathy, but is that really change?

Honestly, B. Hussein Obama has but three things going for him: (1) his color; (2) his compelling multicultural upbringing; and (3) his silver tongue. If he were a liberal, white Chicago pol with but three years of experience in the U.S. Senate, his campaign would've never gotten past the trial balloon stage.

Mr. Russell's ad:

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