Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The denizens of the far-left need a good ass-whippin'

This is just sickening:

"A group of anti-war protesters interrupted an Easter Mass in Chicago [Sunday], stunning parishioners with their shouts during Cardinal Francis George’s homily. They then squirted stage blood on the congregation, leading to their arrest and an angry confrontation in the gathering space outside the hall. As it turns out, the protesters not only were mostly incoherent, but also very, very late.

"Why did they target the Chicago cathedral? Almost three months ago, Cardinal George met with President Bush. The protesters explained (much later) that the Cardinal should have challenged Bush to end the war during that private meeting. They failed to explain (a) how they know that Cardinal George didn’t do that, and (b) why it took them ten weeks to protest the meeting.

"I warned people three weeks ago that the anti-war movement was going to start getting violent. [Liberals have] scoffed at the notion, but assaulting people sitting in church demonstrates that the fringe of the movement has no sense of boundaries, and their frustration at losing in the political process keeps growing."

While the bastards who particpated in the above-mentioned stunt were in church, they should've thanked God that I wasn't there. To say that someone would've gotten the absolute hell beaten out of them is an understatement. If'n just one of the participants had received a good ass-beating, perhaps others would be encouraged to think twice before pulling such stunts in the future.

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