Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Nutbuckets on parade

Silenced Majority has some pictures from last weekend's anti-war parade in Minneapolis. In addition to the requisite hairheads, freaks, and far-left nuts this goofy-looking gal was there representin':

The caption near the bottom of her sign says: "Real men don't hurl phallic-like weapons." Hmmmm. I wonder if real men hurl weapons shaped like vaginas? (And I got news for her: Russ Feingold is a "real man" about like Paris Hilton is a rocket scientist.)

Meanwhile, Zombietime has a load of pics from an anti-war rally that took place in San Francisco. Please to enjoy this pic featuring a group of semi-literate nutbuckets:

To borrow a line from Andy Taylor, anti-war nutbuckets are worth more, comical-wise, than a barrel full of monkeys. Indeed.

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