Saturday, March 15, 2008


"Shudder, indeed."

Remember when I said neighborhood associations are "fascistic" ...? I'm sure a lot of Creeder Readers thought I was talking out of my ass when I said that. When they learn that it's becoming increasingly difficult for a feller or gal to dry clothes in his or her back yard 'cause ... well, look at this:

"They say they only want to protect their 'right to dry. And in three New England states, advocates for clotheslines - yes, clotheslines, strung across the yard, draped with socks and sheets - are pushing for new laws to liberate residents whose neighbors won't let them hang laundry outside.

"Homeowners' associations, which enforce bans on clotheslines at thousands of residential developments across the country, say the rules are needed to prevent flapping laundry from dragging down property values."

Now, I ask you:

What's more non-fascistically American than a home - rural or suburban - that features a backyard with a couple-dozen artiles of clothes swaying on a clothesline?

Nothing, that's what.

I shudder to think what Ronald Wilson Reagan would say upon learning that large swaths of Americans couldn't -- "legally" -- dry their clothes in their own back yards.

Shudder, indeed.

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