Monday, March 31, 2008


Something's in the air

If the predictions published in the 1982 Omni Future Almanac had come to pass, you and I would be freezin'-off our asses right now. Check this out:

"Some scientists cite 2000 as the approximate year when the carbon dioxide 'greenhouse' effect will be recognized as having raised global temperatures significantly. Some environmentalists predict that CO2 pollution will create a canopy over the earth that will prevent heat from radiating into space. Most experts doubt that this effect will occur. Instead, many scientists are worried about a widespread, gradual cooling trend that could take hold by this year. If earth is indeed cooling, this climate change could signal the eventual onset of a new Ice Age that would slowly freeze much of the populated world by the year 12,000."

We're all freezin' to death, now, ain't we, Al Gore?!

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