Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Why America needs Wal-Mart

Wanna know why America needs Wal-Mart more than it needs Wal-Mart-hating politicians (See Obama, B. Hussein) ...? Read all about it here.

A sample:

In an address to the Council of Teaching Hospitals in New Orleans [last week], Wal-Mart's senior vice president and president of health and wellness, Dr. John Agwunobi ... confirm[ed] a major milestone for the company's $4 prescription program. Since its launch in September 2006, the program has now saved Americans more than $1 billion ($1,032,573,012.61 as of March 10, 2008).

"In his prepared remarks, Agwunobi will mention that more than 100 of Wal-Mart's $4 prescriptions are used to treat heart disease and diabetes. He ... add[ed]:

"'While $1 billion in savings is an astonishing achievement, the real savings to America -- and its health care system -- are even larger. That's because many of our competitors have also lowered their prices. $4 prescriptions now represent approximately 40 percent of all filled prescriptions at Wal-Mart. Nearly 30 percent of $4 prescriptions are filled without insurance -- significantly higher than the 10 percent industry trend. But more importantly, this program has meant that people can now take the drugs that were prescribed to them. They no longer need to cut pills in half or not take the drugs at all.'"

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