Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Bring Him On! (By "him" I mean B. Hussein Obama)

I just got me an "insider" e-mail from the Republican National Committee 'bout exit polls from yesterday's Pennsylvania primary. The exit polls confirm something I've been telling myself a lot lately: B. Hussein Obama will be easier to beat in November than Hillary Clinton.

Check this out:

"Obama only wins 72% of the Democratic vote in a general election match up among those surveyed last night. Clinton shows her broad coalitional strength and wins 81% in a general election match up against John McCain. A full quarter of the Democrats in Pennsylvania are not willing to cast their ballot for Obama against McCain (15% say they vote McCain and 10% say they stay home), however, Clinton loses only 17% of Democrats (10% for McCain and 7% would not vote). This gap of 8-points would be significant in a general election match up. President Bush lost Pennsylvania by 2-points in 2004, when 41% of the electorate were Democrats. That 8-point gap among Democrats is enough to swing the state the other way (8% of 41% is 2.8-points, turning Pennsylvania red). This dynamic is clearly visible in publicly released surveys; an average of April polls show McCain trailing Obama by an average of 3-points (3 surveys in April) and trailing Clinton by 8-points."

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