Sunday, April 27, 2008


Free Tibet!

Since Tibet's been all over the news recently, I figure it's a good time for me to share this story ...

'Bout my third year in college, some friends and I set up a table in front of my school's main cafeteria from which we dangled a big "Free Tibet!" banner. On the table we placed some flyers we'd printed up announcing that a mercenary force was being formed by several wealthy patrons who wished to see Tibet freed from Chinese rule. We added that the wealthy patrons would be providing several million dollars-worth of assault rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers, landmines and assorted small arms. We also put out a sign-up sheet for anyone who was interested in joining the Free Tibet Expeditionary Force.

You should've seen it, man. These hippy dippy types would come up to our table all excited, then they'd read the flyer and stomp off. "Hey, don't you want to free Tibet?!" we'd shout when they stomped off. One guy gave us the middle finger, and one guy told us we needed to have our asses kicked. To that dude I said: "You should think twice about threatening us, pal. After all, WE'RE the ones who have access to assault rifles and machine guns!"

We manned our little table for about 2 hours before some university hack told us that we had to take the table down. (We'd neglected to get permission beforehand, you see.) That was okay because we'd accomplished just what we'd set out to do when we put up our table and started passing out our flyers:

We pissed off a lot of people that day. And exposed quite a lot of hypocrisy in the process.

Tee hee!

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