Friday, April 25, 2008


Go ahead and protest (I'll be at home drinking beer)

The folks at sent me an - unsolicited - e-mail today telling me about a nationwide anti-Scientology protest that'll be taking place on May 10. (I'm pretty sure I'll be busy drinking beer that day.)

Here's what Enturbulation has to say 'bout itself:

"It is the purpose of this site to collect and distribute sourced information and facilitate the organization and planning of worldwide protest actions concerning the Scientology Organization. The purpose of these actions is to expose and document the offenses of the Organization of Scientology, not attack or question their religious beliefs.

"All articles, linked or quoted, cited from this site have been thoroughly investigated and are, to the best of our knowledge, authentic. It is not our position to present any outlandish claims, nor to slander The Scientology Organization; rather, our goal is to present the information as-is and allow you to make your own, informed, rational decision.

" is constantly expanding to ensure a sturdy and consistent base for activism and organizing pickets worldwide. Enturbulation is a non profit site ran by professionals during our free time and we strive to keep improving the site and discussion forums. For further information on how you can help us please visit our donation guidelines."

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