Thursday, April 10, 2008


Go Taki! Go Taki!

Don't know why, but Taki Theodoracopulos' musings are no longer being published in The American Conservative magazine -- a magazine he helped found.

Taki's now opining on this eponymous Web site. And it's 'cause of stuff like this that will make me a regular reader:

"Jean-Paul Sartre was a far greater fornicator than philosopher, but he did come up with the greatest truism of them all: “Hell is other people.” (The last line in one of his plays.) Mind you, a Greek savant has bettered him by proclaiming Hell is other people speaking on their mobiles inside an airplane. Yes, it has come down to this, or, rather, it has gone up to it. Passengers have been cleared to use the most malignant device since television during flights by telecoms watchdogs. The Dubai-based Emirates was the first airline to allow the suckers who fly it to use mobile tepehones last week, which I predict will definitely lead to mayhem sooner rather than later. Can you imagine a billionaire goatherd towelhead shouting orders to some flunkey while he picks his dirty toes, or some money-grubbing hedgie showing off at forty thousand feet? There will be blood."

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