Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Holocaust-denyin' dumbasses're still out there ...

"[French] far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen sparked a chorus of outrage in France on Friday by repeating an incendiary claim that the Nazi gas chambers were a 'detail of history,'" Ynetnews.com reports.

"'I said the gas chambers were a detail of the history of World War II: that, to me, seems so obvious,' the 79-year-old Le Pen told Bretons magazine.

"When the Bretons journalist told him that the Nazis 'deported people to camps simply to kill them,' Le Pen replied: 'But that is what you believe. I don't feel obliged to adhere to that view.'

"'I observe that in Auschwitz there was the IG Farben factory, there were 80,000 laborers working there. As far as I know they were not gassed, anyway, nor burned.'"


My political views place me on the right side - and by "right" I mean conservative and intellectually correct - of the political spectrum. Indeed, I consider myself to be more conservative than the late Sen. Robert Taft, aka Mr. Republican ... and that makes me pretty damn conservative.

That said, I get extremely pissed off when I see anti-Semites like Jean-Marie Le Pen described as being "right-wing" or members of the "far right." Folks like him ain't left or right or center; indeed, they ain't nothin' but a bunch of dumbasses. And that's how they should be pegged ... as "Dumbasses." Indeed.

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