Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Of convictions and corrections

"I just think my days as a Titan is [sic] over with."

-- Tennessee Titans defensive back Adam Jones

I don't talk about sports here very much. When I do, you can rest assured that the sports gods have moved me pretty deeply.

This afternoon, I was listening to a local talk radio program as I drove home from work. (I'm not gonna name the radio station to which I was tuned in -- I'll just tell you that it was not a sports-talk station.) The topic was Adam Jones' numerous brushes with the law. Several callers said, and the host of the show agreed, that Adam Jones has "never been convicted" of anything.

Granted, Jones has never received a conviction from a jury of his peers. He does, however, have a felony conviction on his record.

In 2006, Jones was charged with felony obstruction of police after an altercation with officers in Fayette County, Georgia. This past February, he settled the case by entering a "bargained" guilty plea, which left him with a felony conviction on his record. So, again, Adam Jones may never've been convicted of anything; but he is a proper ex-con, and he forever shall be.

Oh, how I love to set records straight!

Now, I'm sure sports-loving Creeder Readers have noticed that I've not used Adam Jones' popular nickname a single time in this posting. Here's why: I refuse to refer to Mr. Jones by anything but his Christian name because, quite frankly, his nickname is without a doubt the dumbest nickname in professional sports history.

So there.

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