Monday, April 21, 2008


Where do you get off asking me **** like that?

During a pre-draft interview with a National Football League team, Tennessee linebacker Jerod Mayo, who will likely be a first or second-round pick, was asked this question: "When's the last time you cheated on your girlfriend?"

In an interview with the Sports By Brooks blog, Mayo had this to say 'bout the unusual question ...

"They said 'When's the last time you cheated on your girlfriend?'" Mayo said. "They didn't even ask me, 'Did you cheat on your girlfriend?' I told them I didn't cheat on my girlfriend."

AOL's Michael David Smith makes a good point:

"Mayo didn't say which team asked him that question, but at some point you have to wonder whether the questions cross the line from legitimate efforts to get to know a player into pure nosiness. Questions regarding sex, gender, sexual orientation and marital status are almost always considered inappropriate and are in some cases illegal in job interviews, and NFL teams need to remember that a job interview is exactly what they're conducting when they talk to draft prospects."

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