Tuesday, April 15, 2008


You ain't crackin' nothin'

Some dumbass calling himself/herself "Crackerboxpalace" sent me a crackerjack e-mail taking issue with my link-between-abortion-and-breast-cancer post. He/she said:

"The continued insistence on a connection that simply is not there is nothing more than another scare tactic promulgated by those who would take away a woman's right to choose."

Crackerboxpalace is simply taking a cue from NARAL/Planned Parenthood and reflexively attacking any perceived threat to abortion rights -- even though he/she is ignoring sound science and common sense in the process.

A growing body of scientific evidence has linked abortion, fertility drugs, chemical contraceptives, and hormone replacement therapy with breast cancer. It would be one thing if religious and/or pro-life outfits were the only outfits producing papers in which the link between abortion and breast cancer. But it's professional peer-reviewed medical journals that're talking about the link. Tain't no "right-wing conspiracy" goin' on here, indeed.

As Cosmo Kramer once remarked, "Mother Nature is a mad scientist." Mad scientist indeed. We're forever learning what bad things can happen when the natural reproductive process is altered or turned upside down, the views of the pro-abortion crowd notwithstanding.

Click here to read more 'bout abortion and breast cancer.

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