Sunday, May 04, 2008


"[T]he most whoppingest canard of Campain 2008"

A few weeks back, Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, Jr. said this 'bout presidential wannabe Sen. B. Hussein Obama: "He has the unique skills to try to lower the temperature and foster a sense of common ground, and try to figure out ways that people can agree."

The proposition that B. Hussein Obama is someone who transcends partisanship is perhaps the most whoppingest canard of Campain 2008. National Review's Fred Siegel sets the record straight:

"There is a similar chasm when it comes to Obama’s claim to post-partisanship. His achievements in reaching out to moderate voters are largely proleptic. But words are not deeds, and while Obama has few concrete achievements to his name, his voting record hardly suggests an ability to rise above Left-versus-Right. In the Illinois state senate he made a specialty of voting 'present,' but after his first two years in the U.S. Senate, National Journal’s analysis of roll-call votes found that he was more liberal than 86 percent of his colleagues. His voting record has only moved farther left since then. The liberal Americans for Democratic Action now gives him a 97.5 percent rating, while National Journal ranks him the most liberal member of the Senate. By comparison, Hillary Clinton, who occasionally votes with the GOP, ranks 16th. Obama is such a down-the-line partisan that, according to Congressional Quarterly, in the last two years he has voted with the Democrats more often than did the party’s majority leader, Harry Reid."

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