Saturday, May 24, 2008


Random reflections 'bout the week that was ... (part one)

So surreal

I think the most surreal image I've witnessed during the Democratic primary campaign (a campaign full of surreal images and episodes), was the sight of B. Hussein Obama giving a "victory" speech in Des Moines, Iowa immediately after he'd lost the Kentucky's presidential primary by 249,000+ votes.

Since February, Obama has been trounced by Hillary Rodham (Clinton) in important swing states (Pennsylvania, Ohio) and in semi-important swing states (West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee). A good 30 percent of the folks who didn't vote for him in those states have indicated that they'll either vote for John McCain or stay home in November.

A lot of folks are hinting that Obama should pick Hillary Rodham (Clinton) to be his running mate. I'm of the opinion that he should choose Sisyphus.

Bye, bye Briley

Upon bidding his fellow House members farewell on Tuesday, Rep. Rob Briley criticized the local press for the “publishing of personal destruction." The Nashville City Paper quoted Rep. Briley thusly:

“We used to talk about the politics of personal destruction. Well that’s no longer what’s going on. It’s the publishing of personal destruction, and we owe it to ourselves to do better than that. We owe it to the rest of our society to do better than that.”

"Publishing of personal destruction" ...? What the **** is Briley talking about?!

Let's reminisce on what Briley did: He led police officers on an extended chase; after being pulled over and stepping out of his car, he ducked into his car and downed a cup of whiskey; he resisted arrest whilst sobbing; and after being placed in the back of a patrol car, he started kicking a window (he settled down after being roughed-up a bit).

At the time of his bizarre, drunken, Briley was the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee -- you know, the committee in charge of vetting legislation dealing with law and order issues. I fail to see how he can think - let alone say - that the reporting (publishing) of his arrest was an exercise in "personal destruction."

If a state lawmaker who sits on high in determining what's criminal law in Tennessee gets arrested for engaging in a half-dozen felony acts, that is indeed NEWS ... I don't care what nobody says (especially when they're a drunken adulterer).

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