Monday, June 09, 2008


B. Hussein's supporters don't know their asses from a yarmulke

Left-wing blogger/Obama supporter Paul Rosenberg is all head-up over a political flyer that's currently circulating in Memphis, in which voters are urged to vote against Jewish U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen 'cause he doesn't "love Jesus." Rosenberg's commentary is here; and here's a picture of the flyer:

Notice how Rosenberg hints that only Republicans and Hillary Rodham (Clinton) supporters like Harold Ford, Jr., aka Junior, can be anti-Semites. I hate to be the one to break it to him, but there are plenty of anti-Semite/anti-Zionist/anti-Israel types in Obama's ranks.

Juan Carlos, writing in a Socialists for Obama (!) thread, had a "How the Jewish Lobby Works" post up at B. Hussein Obama's official Web site over the weekend. It was removed, but you can see it here:

'Tis nothing but high comedy, indeed, when an Obama-lover states for the record that folks in Tennessee - Republican and Democrat - are nothing but a bunch of anti-Semites ... when at the same time the Obama campaign is deleting from its Web site an anti-Jew post from a Knoxville-area Fan o' B. Hussein. (High comedy, or high irony? You dedide.)

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