Sunday, June 01, 2008


"Fowl" suggestions, indeed

Speaking as someone who just loves to hunt fowl, this letter from the current issue of Sports Illustrated (June 2, 2008) tickles me a great deal:

Brad Penny (Players, May 12) is quoted as saying that he owns a ranch on which "you can hunt ... quail. ... No guns allowed -- only bows and arrows." He's also quoted as saying, "I don't do a lot of killing." No wonder. I know a lot of bow hunters, and I know a lot of quail hunters. But I do not know anyone who has ever tried to kill a quail with a bow and arrow.

Tom Schlafly, St. Louis

At least Mr. Penny didn't say that he regularly hunts ducks with a pistol. I mean, a sombitch would have to be incredibly stupid to suggest that a handgun should be the weapon of choice in a duck blind.

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