Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Obama is indeed running for Jimmy Carter's second term

In an interview with NBC News' Brian Williams yesterday, John McCain uncorked an awful, ugly truth: B. Hussein Obama is the second coming of Jimmy Carter (which is something I said recently):

Williams: Is it going to be tough to run with an incumbent party for the White House, given this economic backdrop?

McCain: I-- I think it's-- it's tough. But I think the American didn't, people didn't get to know me yesterday. They know me. They know that I have fought for restraining spending, which Senator Obama has been a big part of, with earmarking projects. They know that I have been a strong fiscal conservative, and they know I understand the challenges that they face.

They need a little break from -- from their gasoline taxes, and they -- and they know that -- we've got to get spending under control. And we've got to become independent of foreign oil. Sen. Obama says that I'm running for a Bush's third terms. It seems to me he's running for Jimmy Carter's second. (LAUGHTER)

HT: Red State

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