Wednesday, June 04, 2008


"... the price of gas would go down. Period."

During the closing days of the Bob Corker vs. Harold Ford, Jr., aka Junior, U.S. Senate campaign, Ford's supporters took to waving "Fed Up When You Fill Up?" signs at his campaign rallies. The premise of those signs, of course, was if Ford was elected, then gas prices would go down.

Well, Junior wasn't elected, but his political party took control of both houses of Congress for the first time in twelve years. What've the Democrats done to solve the so-called gas crisis? They've paraded oil company executives before various congressional committees and hinted that it's George W. Bush's fault that oil costs so much (as if any one person could control the price of a commodity that's traded on international markets). Meanwhile, gas prices hover at $4-a-gallon.

What's truly sad is the fact that the United States has billions of barrels - 139 billion, to be exact - under territory it controls. If those billions of barrels of oil were placed on the open market, the price of gas would go down. Period.

Whom should we blame for the United States' failure to bring its untapped oil reserves to market? Why, we have no one to blame but ourselves. We elect politicians who would rather cater to the whims of the Sierra Club than do what's right for our economy and for our security.

I want you to think about this whenever you see some Democrat - or a Republican who should know better - pissin' and moanin' about the high cost of gas:

"Contemplate this the next time you spend $60 or more filling up your tinny little car with gasoline made from imported oil: The U.S. government knows where it can get its hands on more untapped petroleum than exists in the proven reserves of Iran or Iraq, which have 136 billion barrels and 115 billion barrels, respectively.

"This unexploited stock of crude is greater than what the U.S. Energy Information Administration reports is in the proven reserves of Russia (60 billion barrels), Libya (41.5 billion barrels) and Nigeria (36.2 billion barrels) combined.

"It is more than Hugo Chavez's Venezuela has (80 billion barrels). It is more than is now known to sit beneath the waters and sands of Kuwait (101.5 billion barrels) or the United Arab Emirates (97.6 billion barrels)."

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