Tuesday, June 10, 2008


"What is Barack's problem?"

In his latest column, Pat Buchanan asks: "What is Barack's problem?" Then he gives us an answer ...

"Middle America knows little about him, and much of what they know they do not like. When West Virginians were asked what they knew about Barack, a plurality said the Rev. Wright was his pastor. In Pennsylvania, a goodly slice of Democrats knew Barack had said they were 'bitter' about being left behind and were clinging to their bigotries, Bibles and guns.

"[R]esistance to Barack's nomination in the party that he now leads [has been] extraordinary, stemming from a belief that he is too naive to be commander in chief in wartime and too far left, and does not like or understand Middle America or its values.

"'He is not one of us.'

"[I]f Barack cannot erase this hardening perception in the American mind, he will not be president."

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